10 Places to Find Medical Copywriters for Hire

Out of all industries, the medical industry is one of the hardest to find good copywriters for. To get the best results, you must have writers with relevant and credible medical qualifications that also understand how to write compelling copy for the web.

What is a medical copywriter?

A medical copywriter writes various types of copy, such as blog articles, product descriptions, landing pages, press releases, ad copy, and newsletters about medical topics.

The difference between a copywriter and a medical copywriter is that medical copywriters generally have medical qualifications, at a minimum, usually a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and, in many cases, a Master’s, Ph.D., MD, or equivalent. These writers help companies create compelling content that increases sales and organic traffic and engages an audience while ensuring copy is accurate and compliant.

Why hire a medical copywriter?

Just like hiring any copywriter, medical copywriters help achieve content marketing objectives such as increasing conversions, revenue, organic traffic, audience engagement, and brand awareness via the written word.

The reason why people hire medical copywriters specifically is that companies are covering technical topics that require subject matter expertise. Often ‘general’ copywriters won’t have the necessary credentials and medical knowledge to write accurate content. 

Where to find medical copywriters

Finding credible medical copywriters is challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of where you can find the best medical copywriters for hire.

1. Writing Studio

Writing Studio is a copywriting company that initially started as a medical copywriting agency. Our copywriters have genuine medical backgrounds. We have MDs and Ph.D. writers in various fields, including biochemistry, nutrition, and multiple writers at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels in different medical areas.

We can write many types of content. Whether you need articles, landing pages, product descriptions, or press releases, we can write 1 per month or 500. Our team has editors and content managers to ensure quality and outcomes. Our aim at Writing Studio is to provide you with factually accurate, engaging, and optimized medical content, all fully managed.

2. WriterGirl

WriterGirl is a custom content creation agency with a specialization in healthcare content. WriterGirl’s team consists of strategists and writers that understand the language of healthcare and medicine and translate it into content that speaks to your audience(s). WriterGirl’s writers can write blogs, website content, physician bios, email newsletters, marketing collateral, and email newsletters.

WriterGirl has worked well with highly-regarded medical institutions, including Emory Healthcare, OhioHealth, and more. With an entire operation dedicated to healthcare businesses, WriterGirl is certainly an option worth considering.

3. Verblio

Verblio is a blog and content creation platform that allows you to create blog content on autopilot. Verblio’s platform connects you with writers that you request content from within their platform. Included in their pool of writers are 272 medical copywriters, around half of which have over five years of industry experience.

Verblio is a great way to keep your content organized, whether you need thousands of blog posts for various medical clients or an article or two monthly to keep your audience engaged. Over the years, Verblio has created nearly 6k content pieces in the medical industry. Their copywriters can write about everything from physical therapy, medical lab software, diseases and conditions, and more.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional social networking platform in the world. Here you have access to thousands of medical copywriters to hire. A lot of them will already have jobs, which is to be expected; however, many of them will be freelancers that are open to opportunities.

LinkedIn isn’t a platform where writers are pre-vetted, so that’s entirely your responsibility. Still, certain things on a user’s profile indicate their expertise, including their education, previous work experience, testimonials, and links to their website or portfolio. You can connect and reach out to writers you find via LinkedIn’s search feature.

5. ContentWriters

ContentWriters is a content writing agency with a platform where you can place orders for content. They cover many industries, with medicine and healthcare being one. ContentWriter’s copywriters can write product descriptions, articles, pages, and even social media copy, and these writers have relevant and credible medical qualifications. 

The advantage of working with a company like ContentWriters, apart from the high-quality writers and content, is their platform’s ease of use. You can quickly place orders at any time. If you have more extensive content demands, they offer fully managed services where you are assigned a dedicated account manager to take care of the whole process on your behalf.

6. Indeed

Indeed is a website where you can post jobs and have applicants apply. It’s different from many other places on this list as it’s more traditional. Indeed is a good place to find medical copywriters to bring into your in-house team. That’s not to say you can’t hire freelancers or fixed-term contractors here, but typically, part-time or full-time in-house roles are more common.

Indeed might be an excellent place to start if you’re looking for smaller content quantities of copy and prefer to work closely with fewer writers. In contrast, agencies and platforms might be better if you need regular content at scale.

7. WriterAccess

WriterAccess is a platform that pairs you with writers that work for a wide range of rates based on their expertise and experience. WriterAccess writers can write all common types of content, including blog posts, email copy, press releases, and product descriptions. They provide an intuitive platform from which you can order content and fully managed services if that’s something you require.

The good thing about WriterAccess is that you can work with writers at different rates depending on the expertise and detail you require for your project. Suppose you’re looking for a very experienced medical copywriter with a Ph.D. and a decade of experience writing copy. In that case, you can expect to pay the highest range of rates (e.g., $1 per word), while an intermediate-level writer could be much less. 

8. Compose.ly

Compose.ly is a company offering quality copywriting services. They have medical copywriters on their platform who can write different content types for you, such as articles, ad copy, press releases, and product descriptions. 

Compose.ly is trusted by industry-leading medical companies such as WebMD and provides content from writers with expertise and medical knowledge. The content they provide is also search-friendly. You can even request a fully managed service with an account manager for an additional rate. Overall they have a great platform that appears to be easy to use and has positive reviews from past clients, indicating it’s an excellent place to find quality copywriters for hire. 

9. Upwork

Upwork is the world’s leading freelance platform. Here you can find thousands of freelance medical copywriters for hire. The thing about Upwork is that the quality of writers varies widely. You can find excellent writers with the best qualifications, copywriting experience, and a good work ethic. You can also find inexperienced writers that market themselves as experienced writers. Therefore, you must vet each freelancer carefully to get the most out of Upwork. 

Overall, it’s a great platform. You post a job with your requirements, and then freelancers will apply to your post that you can filter through. You can also invite writers to apply directly to your job post if you think they’re a good fit. 

10. Scripted

Scripted is a platform where you can find copywriters. They provide access to writers in various industries, including medicine. Leading online medical websites like Healthline have used Scripted’s writers for content. They offer access to different types of copy ranging from social media copy to articles, product descriptions, email newsletters, and more.

Unlike some other platforms, you need to pay a subscription fee to use Scripted. But after you pay the fee, you have full access to their platform. You can negotiate custom rates with individual copywriters depending on their experience and the project details.

The bottom line

Hiring medical copywriters is essential in a content marketing campaign for any growing healthcare and medical company. But unlike other industries such as travel which are less technical, medical copywriters must be selected with extreme care. These writers must be qualified, write well and have enough availability to fulfill the quantity of content you need. Hopefully, this list has helped you find a place to find the writers you need.

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