What Is a Medical Writer?

There is a constant stream of new information been released and shared within the medical field – whether that be the findings of new research, newly uncovered knowledge, new drugs, or new medical practices and techniques.

All of this new information needs to be communicated to a wide range of audiences who have various levels of medical knowledge. That is where a medical writer comes in.

So, what is a medical writer?

Medical writers can take scientific medical information and communicate what they mean and why they matter to everyone, from healthcare professionals to patients and everyone in between, like drug and healthcare companies.

How to become a medical writer

Medical content writers need to be able to take complex medical concepts and ideas and distill them down into language a wide range of people can understand. 

This is especially important when the target audience is the end consumer because a lot of people search for medical information online, and it needs to be accurate. On the other hand, they need to be able to write more formally and technically if the intended audience is doctors.

Another key requirement is having an academic qualification in medicine or science. 

A degree in sciences such as pharmacy, microbiology, nutrition and dietetics, and biochemistry can also be good medical content writers as they have practical experience with research and then presenting that research to other professionals.

Medical writers also need to know how to write well. This includes everything from being an expert at spelling and grammar to knowing how to structure their writing so that it is well presented and easy to understand. 

A lot of freelance medical writers are employed remotely, so they need to be good at working as part of a remote team and good at communicating over the internet.

Why hire a medical writer?

Scientific and medical information needs to be presented in an easy-to-understand way because, quite literally, people’s health can be at stake if it isn’t.

Here is why you should hire a medical content writer:

They have domain knowledge

Medical writers have studied, and most have practiced within the field that they write about. This gives them a unique and authentic understanding of the topics that they write about. Most importantly, they understand all of the medical concepts and can apply their knowledge to their writing.

Most medical writers specialize in one or two fields only, so you can be sure you are getting a domain expert for the topic you require them to write about.

Understand medical terminology

Medical writers know how to read scientific research and other medical reports and then translate that into language that their audience will understand. 

This is important because when presenting research as to facts to readers, it needs to have been checked that the source is credible and that it stacks up.

They know how to write

In addition to having a great understanding of the medical and scientific elements of the topics that they write about, a medical writer is also an expert communicator. 

They can take complex ideas and concepts and write about them in a way that the audience can understand.

They are also good writers in the sense they know how to spell, check grammar, structure their writing, and the appropriate ‘voice’ in their writing.

They are great researchers

With so much scientific and medical information available and released into the public domain, it is really important that if you are writing about medical topics that you know how to do proper research. 

Medical writers who have relevant qualifications will have done a lot of research as part of their studies, so they will be very experienced with this aspect of the job. 

Depending on their practical experience, it probably included analyzing research too.

Medical content writers know how to find relevant research, where to look for it, and how to ensure it is authentic and meets rigorous scientific standards. 

They then have the skills to interpret the results and data so that it can be presented in an easy to understand way to your target audience.

Where can you hire a medical writer?

You can find great freelance medical writers on the same platforms that you find other writers such as UpWork.com and Freelancer.com

You can search for their profiles and then check out a group of them to see samples of their work and their ratings from other clients. There are now a large group of remote medical writers who are available on these platforms – just make sure they have qualifications from respected institutions.

Depending on the type of writer you are looking for, and if you want to hire them as an employee or as a freelancer, a local job website is another place to hire medical content writers too.

There are also specialist writing companies such as Writing Studio that provide medical writing services for a range of topics within the medical industry. You can tap into their pool of talent and get medical content writing done on demand.

The bottom line

Medical writing involves taking complex scientific and medical concepts and writing about them so that the target audience can understand what they mean and why they are important.

It takes both the skills of an expert writer and someone with a deep understanding of the medical topic that they are writing about. This combination of skills and experience means that they will be able to produce amazing written content for your website or blog that will help you to become a trusted authority in your industry.

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