10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Wellington (2024)

Digital marketing is on the rise and for good reason. Essentially, all businesses today must have an online presence to effectively compete in the digital marketplace. But digital marketing isn’t easy. There is a lot of competition, and if you or someone on your team doesn’t have a background in digital marketing, or a certain aspect of digital marketing, then getting started can seem like a daunting task. 

There are multiple types of digital marketing, as it’s a broad term. There’s search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and more. If you’re looking for an agency to help with one or more of these aspects, then read on as we’ve listed out several companies in Wellington that can help you. 

There were several factors that went into consideration when determining this list, including years of experience, the variety of digital marketing services offered, average reviews, case studies, and testimonials from previous clients, among other factors. 

Here are the 10 best digital marketing agencies in Wellington.

1. Writing Studio

Writing Studio is a Wellington-based digital marketing agency that provides content writing services. Our team of writers, editors, and content managers write various types of content, including articles, landing pages, SEO content, product descriptions, and more to help grow your online presence through the power of the written word. No matter what industry you’re in, whether that’s travel or healthcare, we have subject matter experts in your respective field(s) ready to help you create better content faster. 

While Writing Studio won’t be able to help you with other aspects of digital marketing, such as paid advertising or website design, our team is the best around when it comes to written content creation. We have a lot of happy clients because the content we write is performance-based and gets results. 

To learn more, please get in touch with us via our website. We’d love to learn more about your content needs to see how we can help you grow. 

2. Aro Digital

Aro Digital is a data-driven digital marketing agency based in Oriental bay. As they state themselves, they exist to generate fresh leads, smash goals, and grow businesses. They offer various services, from ads to analytics, and are experts at growing businesses through digital marketing. More specifically, they offer Google Ads, analytics and insights, social media marketing, SEO, and programmatic marketing methods. The company has experience working with leading NZ brands such as Meridian, New Zealand Red Cross, Weta Workshop, and the Hurricanes. Overall, Are Digital is an impressive agency with great reviews from clients, an exceptional reputation, and a clear ability to deliver results.

3. Pure SEO

Pure SEO is a digital marketing agency offering various services to clients in Wellington, helping them to increase their traffic and revenue and meet business objectives. Pure SEO’s team is very experienced, with over a decade of helping businesses grow through digital marketing. The company’s roots are in search engine optimisation (SEO); however also they offer other services such as paid advertising, email marketing, click-rate-optimisation (CRO), and social media marketing. Overall, Pure SEO is a solid choice to consider for your digital marketing needs. They have a clean reputation, lots of positive reviews from previous and current clients, and have won several impressive awards both for their professionalism and exceptional ability.

4. Firefly

Firefly is a digital marketing agency that offers various services to Wellington companies including search engine optimisation (SEO), social media advertising, Google Ads, website design, and e-commerce specific website design and digital marketing. With a proven track record helping NZ and Australian businesses, Firefly is one of the largest and most trusted digital marketing agencies in Wellington that can help grow your company’s presence both locally and abroad. They also offer white label digital marketing solutions for clients who wish to use Firefly’s services for their own clients. Overall, Firefly has great reviews, a solid reputation, and clear experience and credibility.

5. Sea Digital

Sea Digital is a company that describes themselves as a ‘first-class’ digital marketing agency. They combine creative and digital marketing to help companies attract leads, break targets, and succeed on the online marketplace. Sea provides several services. On the creative content side, they help with photography, video production, copywriting, and design. To promote your content, they offer campaign strategy, media buying, Google Ads, social media marketing, and Google Analytics. As you’ll see on Sea’s website, they have a huge selection of case studies, making it clear that they get results for a number of clients. Overall, Sea is a solid choice as an agency partner, especially for the creative side of marketing.

6. Blitz

Blitz is a digital agency that has worked with some big names, including Jetstar, RNZ, and Fonterra. Blitz’s mission is to be the ‘behind the scenes’ people that get your business in front of the customers you want. The company offers a broad range of digital services, from strategy, advertising, social media management, digital analytics, and creative, all with a heavy focus on increasing sales. Therefore, Blitz is a great choice for your digital marketing efforts, regardless of whether you have a specific area you want to focus on, or whether you want an entire digital marketing campaign planned and executed on your behalf. Blitz appears to be a credible, to-the-point agency that knows what they’re doing.

7. 3WhiteHats

3WhiteHats is a company with a mission statement to help ‘bring clarity to search and social’. They allow brands to accelerate their growth online through SEM and social media marketing. So whether you need help with SEO (the content or technical side), paid advertising on Google, or digital analytics, 3WhiteHats’ team is ready to help drive growth. The company has worked with brands such as Octopus, Invest, and Picture House. They are also a premier Google Partner, which demonstrates they are skilled at using Google Ads to drive growth. 3WhiteHats pride themselves on keeping the frustration out of marketing by maintaining a flexible approach and simplifying the complex to deliver results in a refreshingly straightforward way.

8. Ambitious

Ambitious is a marketing agency that helps ambitious brands scale with something they call their ‘positional strategy framework’. Ambitious’ goal is to help you as a client get more customers through increasing traffic, leads, and sales. The company uses leading digital platforms and software to ensure you maximise your digital marketing budget and get the highest ROI possible. To help clients grow, Ambitious offers four primary categories of services: branding, website, marketing, and technology. The services range from branding strategy and logo design to website copywriting and landing page development. Under the marketing category, they provide SEO, CRO, and paid advertising, and under technology, email setup and automation. With lots of great case studies and reviews, Ambitious is definitely a good choice to elevate your business!

9. Digital Popcorn

Digital Popcorn is a digital agency that unlocks your digital potential online through high-value and transparent solutions. Their service offering is broad: from SEO, to SEM, CRO, content marketing, social media and more. The company describes itself as an enterprise SEO company, and while they do offer other marketing services such as social media and content marketing, it appears these all fit together as part of a wider SEO strategy. The companies Digital Popcorn has partnered with include DATACOM, Mitre 10, RICOH, New Balance, and Subaru. They might not be the best fit for you if you are a small business, but if you are an enterprise, then Digital Popcorn is a good choice to help you plan and execute digital marketing campaigns. The company has a wide breadth of experiences, focus on collaborative work, and promise transparent and prompt communication and flexible, results-driven campaigns.

10. PS/digital

PS/digital is a full service creative digital agency that helps transform businesses. While PS/digital has a focus on website design and development, they also offer marketing services to compliment the creation and maintenance of websites. There are five categories of services they offer: strategy, design, technology, maintenance, and marketing. When it comes to marketing, they can help with everything from content creation, to email marketing, strategy, social media marketing, SEO, analytics and more. They have three tiers of services. The first is “do it for me,” which is a fully managed service. Next is ‘help me,’ which is where they help plan and design solutions for specific goals. Last is ‘teach me,’ where they offer one-off training to help you master a specific aspect of marketing so that you can then pursue it independently. Overall, PS/digital appears to be a great company to work with.

The bottom line

Wellington is a cool little capital – smaller than most – but it’s also home to some incredible creative minds in the world of digital marketing. There are a lot of great agencies out there, not all of which are included in this list. Hopefully, this list provided some insight as to what’s out there and helped you come closer to making a decision about which company you want to work with. 

Remember, when deciding on an agency, take your time! Don’t rush into a decision. Instead, carefully vet each agency you approach to ensure that they’re the right fit for your needs. This list should save you some time as each company is well-respected and has a history of offering great services. So decide on one of the digital agencies mentioned above, and you can’t go wrong.

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