The Top 10 Pet Blog Topics

Pets are often a beloved member of the family, and it is important to get content right if you are trying to deliver informative pet blog topics

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Check out our carefully selected top 10 pet blog topics. 

1. Pet of the month

A regular column on your pet blog could include information about a certain type of pet. 

This could include information about how to care for that species or breed and the accessories they will require (i.e., aquariums, kennels, leads – depending on the pet type). 

2. Common health problems

If you’re going to purchase a pet, you need to have a good understanding of what health problems may crop up in the future. 

A labrador may be more likely to struggle with arthritis later on in life, and a bulldog may struggle with respiratory problems. 

Once a pet owner understands the issues that may arise in the future, they can deal with them before becoming a life changer for the pet. 

3. Finding the right pet

You only have to google ‘pets for sale,’ and you will come across a variety of different places to purchase your favorite breed. 

However, there are various breeders and illegal organizations out there that can inbreed their pets to a point where they are unhealthy. 

It is important to advise prospective pet buyers of alternative options such as the local shelter or animal protection league. 

4. Staying healthy

Owning a pet isn’t all about hugs and fun. It also includes making sure that the animal’s health and wellbeing are taken care of. 

A variety of good pet blog ideas might include the reason behind vaccinating your pet (avoiding distemper, feline aids, etc.) as well as the importance of spaying your pet and visiting the vet regularly. 

5. Interview an expert

An expert may range from your local vet through to pet experts who specialize in certain breeds of animals. 

This could be a regular pet blog topic that might include how to groom a dog with long hair or keep their dental health up to date. 

6. Family fun

According to research by the American Pet Owners Association, 67% of US households own a pet. This is an increase of 56% from 1988.

The love between a pet and its owner is often very strong, which is why there should be plenty of people happy for you to dedicate your blog to the relationship they have with that special animal in their life.  

7. Talented pets

It is easy to forget that animals have extraordinary abilities because they can’t speak to us. 

There are many stories of dogs that have saved their owners from danger, and pets that assist unwell family members by sniffing out health issues or simple tasks such as bringing a newspaper to the person they love. 

8. Problem pet behaviors

The prevalence of bad behavior in pets is high. In fact, a study of over 13,0000 dogs in Finland found that three-quarters had a behavioral issue.

However, what might be bad behavior to us could be normal for that particular animal or breed. The key to ‘good behavior’ is to work with your pet and find out how they tick. 

This topic could include a range of difficult subjects and lends itself to expert opinion. 

9. Pet nutrition

The trouble with adding a pet to your family is that you don’t always understand what they need to eat, and loving owners can sometimes cause more trouble when they think they are caring for their pet. 

Examples include feeding chocolate regularly to dogs (which can be poisonous) and overfeeding pets with ‘human food.’ 

Regular articles about the importance of specific diets for specific pets can boost your content marketing plan. 

10. Pet holidays

Who knew there were holidays specifically aimed at certain breeds? 

Well, you (may have) heard it here first! From ‘walk your pet month’ in January through to National Cat Herders day on December 15th, you’re spoiled for choice in terms of blogging ideas.

Need pet blog topics?

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