10 Places to Find Premium Domain Names for Sale

In the world of online business, what you choose for your brand’s domain name can boost visibility and consumer traffic or leave you in the dust while your competition takes your consumers. While you can have any domain and run a successful business, a concise, memorable, and brandable domain name gives you a huge advantage in your industry. If a domain name is easy to spell and pronounce and closely relates to your brand, you’re well on your way to online marketing success.

Yes, great domain names are often expensive and difficult to acquire, but if you invest wisely and know where to look,  the investment gives your brand more online credibility and a noticeable ROI.  Whether you want to buy premium domain names to flip for profit or to hold for your current or new business, we’ll show you where to buy premium domain names for your brand. Let’s get started. 

What is a premium domain name?

Let’s begin with the simple stuff — what is a premium domain name in the first place?  Essentially, premium domains are short, catchy-phrased domains for a brand’s website that people use with extensions, such as .com, but .co, .io, .ai, among others, are also used. 70% + of businesses choose .com for their domain names due to its visibility and familiarity among consumers. 

‘Premium’ is subjective; if the domain name you pay for includes your business name, is easy to spell and read, and brings you customers, it’s a premium value to you. For example, if you owned a business called Ghweis, and you’re able to purchase the domain Ghweis.com, this would be a premium value to you due to its simplicity, direct use of your business name for your brand, and the familiar .com ending. Many domain selling sites will label domains with either premium or ultra premium values to help you narrow your search based on budget and other factors. 

Why buy a premium domain name?

A premium domain name takes your website domain from long and difficult to remember to short, concise, and catchy. This leads to more traffic to your website while also differentiating your brand as more established and professional in the eyes of your consumers. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out and growing a fan base or if your brand is already relatively well-known, if you have a premium domain name, your online success is strengthened. Once you have a quality premium domain name, you want to hold tight to it and make sure you register it annually so you don’t lose it!

However, there are several other reasons people invest in premium domains outside of growing their brands. After all, once a domain name is claimed, it’s no longer available for purchase so a quality domain can fetch an impressive price. The reasons why people buy premium domains differ but profitability is almost always a driving factor. Some purchase premium domain names at low prices and hold them as long-term assets until a business desiring that domain offers a good price for it. Others will ‘flip’ domains, buying and selling them regularly to make a profit, similar to how a trader buys and sells stocks. Other people buy domains for new businesses they’ve started. Some businesses buy domains to re-brand a current business, whether that’s changing names entirely or ‘upgrading’ from a .co domain to a .com domain, for example.

Best places to buy premium domain names

1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the world’s largest and most-known web hosts, with over 60 million registered domains ready for new ownership. Premium domain names listed on the site are already owned but auctioned off to the highest bidders vying for high-demand domains. Depending on the domain, you may be able to buy one outright for a fixed price, or you can submit an offer, leading to negotiations with the seller under GoDaddy’s watch. Once an agreed price is met, the domain will be transferred within GoDaddy, and you can transfer it out of the registrar to your preferred hosting partner. GoDaddy is a great stop for premium domain name shopping if you have a broader budget and want high-quality domains. 

2. Flippa

Flippa is a marketplace where people buy and sell online businesses, including standalone premium. Flippa offers a wide range of domains and prices, from $50 domains to very premium domains that fetch $1 million or more. Utilize a ‘buy-now’ price that’s more expensive if you’re not up for negotiations, or place a bid on auctioned domains. Domain listings provide important details like where the seller is from, the domain age, and the registrar. By signing up, you can unlock more details on the listing, contact the seller, make an offer, or simply mark the domain as ‘watch’ to keep an eye on the sale. If you’re just looking around to see what your options are in online businesses and domains, Flippa is a wise place to start. 

3. Domain.com

Domain.com is a popular domain registrar and web hosting company that offers thousands of premium domains for sale. Once you find a domain you like, you can immediately purchase it for a fixed price, then keep the domain or transfer it from Domain.com. The domain prices offered on the site vary widely, from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars per domain. Once you purchase a domain, it takes a week to transfer under your name, and while the price paid is a one-time charge, you’ll need to renew the domain annually to keep it. Domain.com has lots of unique and modern domain extensions available, including .ai and .io., and is a wise website to consider if you’re shopping for a domain name on a budget. 

4. Sedo

Sedo is a well-known domain name and website marketplace with thousands of premium domains for sale. Sedo features a user-friendly platform where you can directly search for specific domains, or just search for broader keywords to help you find the right domain name for your brand. At Sedo, you can buy a premium domain with a fixed price ‘buy now’, option, negotiate your price on domains you want, bid on open marketplace auctions, or bid on expiring domain auctions. What purchase options are available varies on each domain listing. As a bonus, you can also use Sedos’ professional broker services if you want help negotiating on your behalf for a premium domain. Try Sedo if you’re new to domains and need help negotiating prices. 

5. Network Solutions

Network Solutions, a subsidiary of Web.com, has a plethora of services you can use to build or grow your brand online,  including domain name registration. You can use Network Solutions for your web hosting, business email, and website security needs as well. While it’s not entirely competitive as far as pricing goes (Network Solutions is on the pricier end of premium domain registrations) it does give you the option of long-term registrations — register your chosen domain for 10, 20, or even 100 years! Try Network Solutions if you need not just a domain name, but other business-related services as well. 

6. Squadhelp

Need a user-friendly domain purchasing experience? Squadhelp makes it easier to pick a premium domain name when you have zero clue where to start. Choose from premium or ultra premium domains and narrow your search based on how many letters you want your domain to have (3, 4, 5 letters), or search by one-word domains. You can pick a domain name by industry as well, such as clothing or beauty. Expert-curated domains are also available. Be prepared with a big budget when using Squadhelp — domains average in the low thousands to start. Try Squadhelp if you want a premium domain but need help with your creative thought process in choosing one for your brand and you’re open to options. 

7. Dan.com

If you’re already a fan of GoDaddy.com, Dan.com will be another beneficial resource for you to use in acquiring quality premium domain names. Dan.com, a brand of GoDaddy, allows you to buy or sell your domain with ease. With over 10 million premium domain names available, you can either buy, rent, or lease the domain of your choosing. Once your transaction is settled through the site, it’s usually transferred to you within 24 hours. Dan.com’s buyer protection program keeps your accepted bid or purchase price safe until you’ve acquired the domain as agreed upon, making reliable transactions hassle-free between buyers and sellers. Try Dan.com if you need a new domain name quickly.

8. BrandBucket

Need a creative business name for your startup along with a domain? BrandBucket is your one-stop shop. Browse through business names and domains by style or industry, similar to how Squadhelp works, to narrow your options and get you on the right path without being overwhelmed. What’s convenient about BrandBucket is the lease-to-own option for buying domains so if you’re short on cash but find a premium domain you want, you can still finance your purchase with monthly payments. BrandBucket is best for you if you need a quick-to-market business startup and desire quality customer service. 

9. NamePros

Are you as confused about domain names in general as you are about buying one? NamePros just may be the resource for you. You can buy, sell, and chat about domain names on this simple site. You can even put in a request for a specific domain name if the one you desire isn’t listed on the site. Sort available domain names by those that are newly listed or their current going prices (premium domains are often auctioned), or simply use the site to learn more about how to choose a domain name and what factors you should consider when creating one. Domain names are also offered at fixed prices, and clicking on listings should reveal prices, renewal dates, and the type of payments sellers accept. NamePros is great for you if you want an educational domain name shopping experience, although the site itself is a bit wonky to navigate. 

10. DNForum.com

DNforum is similar to NamePros in how it operates and it’s more informational as a resource for buying and selling premium domains than it is for actually making purchases. Still, if you want to grow your knowledge on how to profit from buying domains for reselling or for growing your brand, it’s a great one-stop shop for relevant information. Members have access to a variety of tools and forums, and you can upgrade your membership to bring you the most value at any time. There are forum sections for both buying websites as well as domains, so consider DNforum if these things interest you. 

How a premium domain will benefit your brand

It’s easy to forget how important a quality domain is for your brand until your long and confusing website domain starts getting lost in the mire online. A premium domain is easily scannable and memorable for your customers, gives your brand better credibility (most people trust a .com over all other types of domain endings) and gives you an edge on your competition. Consider the following when choosing a premium domain: 

  • Keep it to 15 characters or less
  • End with .com or .ai 
  • Include your brand name if you can
  • Choose brandable verbiage
  • Play on words to keep it catchy
  • Be flexible in case what you want isn’t available
  • Choose a budget before you browse

With the right preparation and research, choosing a premium domain is made much easier. 

The bottom line

Premium domain names aren’t necessary to run a successful business, but if you want to grow your brand online and grow traffic to your website, it’s wise to consider a premium domain.  To ensure the safe sale and exchange of a domain, it’s often worthwhile to go through a professional domain broker or registrar. You can even get help negotiating the best deal by using a broker. Choose a domain registrar that works for your budget and branding needs and you’re well on your way to success!

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