10 Places to Find Product Description Writers for Hire

Great product descriptions are essential for any business selling online. They help provide customers with valuable and relevant information about a product, such as features and specifications. More importantly, they help to drive sales by compelling readers to make a purchase.

Product descriptions can also help to drive organic traffic from search engines, increasing the number of customers a business acquires via its website. Product descriptions can be challenging to create if you have hundreds or even thousands of them to write. That’s why many companies hire product description writers to help out.

What is a product description writer?

A product description writer specializes in writing product descriptions. Typically they have a background in copywriting, a style of writing that aims to drive conversions and sell. These writers are skilled at writing product descriptions in unique ways to increase organic traffic from search engines to your website and write in a way that compels users to make a purchase.

Why hire a product description writer?

Product description writers are hired to write high-quality descriptions that turn visitors into customers. These writers can follow guidelines (e.g., your brand tone and style) and other specifications such as keywords to use and specific formatting requests. 

Hiring a writer with product writing experience is better than hiring regular writers as they will understand how to write copy that works well with products, but often copywriters that don’t specifically hold the title of ‘product writer’ will also write product descriptions. 

Where to hire product description writers

There are many places to find writers for hire but few where you can find great ones. We’ve outlined some trusted sites where you can find product description writers for hire to make a choice easier. 

1. Writing Studio

Writing Studio is a content writing company with a pool of skilled product description writers. Our team of writers, editors, and content managers can create product descriptions for your website in any quantity and industry. Whether you require 1,000 product descriptions for a cosmetics e-commerce website or 50 for a clothing website, we’d be happy to help. 

Writing Studio offers a fully managed service where we take care of the content creation process from start to finish. Simply provide us with the topics or briefs for your descriptions, and we’ll send them back to you by a specific due date, ready to publish on your website. To learn more about our product description services, please visit our website and reach out with details about your requirements.

2. Get A Copywriter

Get A Copywriter is a platform that provides you access to dedicated copywriters for hire that can write product descriptions. They offer ‘pro’ and ‘expert’ copywriting for product descriptions. Their pro service includes writers hand chosen by Get a Copywriter’s in-house editors, with only 2% of applicants being accepted. Their ‘expert’ service includes elite copywriters that are industry thought leaders and experts in their respective fields.

Get A Copywriter has a few key features worth mentioning. They offer fast turnaround times within 2-3 days (larger projects can take longer). They also have a ‘smart match’ feature that helps match you with the best writers. Furthermore, all of the product descriptions you order are checked for plagiarism and edited by their in-house editing team. You also get a dedicated account manager to ensure your project meets your expectations. 

3. Brafton

Brafton is a content marketing agency providing content writing service that includes product description writing. Brafton’s team of writers comes from various industry backgrounds meaning they’ll have writers in your industry, and they also ensure that your product descriptions are search-friendly.

Unlike some other platforms that provide writing services, Brafton takes a more custom approach than offering fixed transparent pricing. So to work with them, you need to inquire and tell them about your project. They’ll then come back with more information and a custom quote for the product descriptions you require.

Brafton has more than a decade of content marketing experience and a proven track record of delivering content to some of the world’s most well-known brands. As a content agency, they can also help with other aspects, such as planning your content strategy. 

4. Textbroker

Textbroker is a content writing provider that connects you with writers so you can outsource your content needs. Textbroker has been used by some o the world’s best companies, such as eBay, Staples, iProspect, and more.

At Textbroker, you can get content very quickly at scale because they have a large pool of writers. They also can write product descriptions for every topic and, unlike many companies, in multiple languages, which is a plus if you’re selling products internationally.

Over the lifetime of Textbroker, they have served over 80,000 clients worldwide and have delivered over 10 million content orders via their content writing platform. 

5. Verblio

Verblio is a blog and content creation platform. While the platform is most well-known for its blog writing services, they also have product description writers you can hire. Verblio’s writers span various industries, from gaming and solar to finance and medicine.

Verblio is also well-known for its ability to produce content at scale, so if you have hundreds or even thousands of product descriptions you need to create that need to be search-friendly, Verblio’s platform could be a good choice. Verblio works with both businesses and agencies, so as an agency, if you have multiple clients that each require product descriptions, Verblio could be a good solution to have them written on your behalf.

6. Compose.ly

Compose.ly is a platform where you can hire experienced product description writers to write copy for your products. They have a vetted team of product description writers with experience writing copy for e-commerce websites. Composely has served well-known companies such as Calendly, WebMD, and Dolby.

Composely has writers with industry-specific experience, and they ensure the descriptions they write are SEO-friendly. And they also can write product descriptions at scale. Composely offers several options to order content. You can use their content writer marketplace, a self-serve pay-per-project model, or their managed serve subscription for a monthly fee with more features. You can also work with them on a custom basis.

7. ContentWriters

ContentWriters is a full-service content writing agency offering e-commerce solutions such as product descriptions, category pages, and Amazon content writing. They can write these content types for every major industry, from finance to automotive. They not only write content but also check for plagiarism, edit and proofread everything. 

To work with ContentWriters, you can choose the self-service option that includes two revisions, a three-business-day review period, and access to the platform to order content. Alternatively, you can select their managed service, which provides monthly topic pitching, writer team retention, unlimited revisions, content management, dedicated account management, and a 6-10 business day review period.

8. Crowd Content

Crowd Content is a platform that offers on-demand product description services trusted by leading ecommerce companies. Crowd Content is trusted by companies including Lowe’s WordPress, 3M, and HomeAdvisor. Crowd Content’s writers have experience writing product descriptions for different industries, from retail and cosmetics to health and wellness.

To order product descriptions from Crowd Content, you can use their marketplace and get instant access to 5,000 talented product writers. Alternatively, you can opt for their Managed service, which provides a more quality-controlled and ‘done for you’ service with three layers of QA and more flexible delivery options.

9. Semrush Marketplace

Semrush Marketplace is a content marketplace that gives you access to a team of talented SEO copywriters that write product descriptions. Semrush Marketplace offers a subscription-based model where you can order a specific quantity of descriptions at a particular word count, each at a fixed price, and have them delivered on autopilot.

There are extra benefits when you sign up for a subscription at Semrush Marketplace, including an express order where once a month you can order content to be delivered in half the time, media stock where you can choose from millions of images, and unlimited revision requests. 

10. Express Writers

Express Writers is a content creation company with writers that write original SEO-optimized product descriptions for ecommerce websites. As a company, they have written thousands of product descriptions for both small businesses and national brands.

Express Writers have experience writing descriptions for products on various platforms, from Shopify stores to Amazon. A QA team ensures all your descriptions are error-free and ready to publish. Companies such as Buzzsumo, JotForm, and Nordstrom trust Express Writers with their content writing needs.

The bottom line

Finding the right writers to write your product descriptions is an important decision. The right place to find writers depends on factors such as the quantity required, budget, industry experience, etc. For example, working with a company like Writing Studio is ideal if you need hundreds or thousands of descriptions. While if you have smaller requirements, working with freelance writers from Upwork might be the best choice. Hopefully, this list has helped you find a good place to start.

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