Scripted: Reviews, Pricing, and Alternatives

If you are looking to ramp up your content marketing efforts, then one of the main things you need to consider is if you have the talent in-house to produce great content that will get you results.

If the answer is no, then you will need to find writers who can help you out. One of the most popular places online to outsource your content writing to is

Scripted overview is an online content writing service that facilitates the relationship between freelance writers and clients looking for content to be written. You can sign up to the website and post assignments and projects, and then writers will send you proposals (which are essentially pitches to try and secure your project). Once you get a bunch of proposals/ applications you can then short through the list and select the writer you want to work with. 

The writer will then write the first draft of your assignment and then send it to you to review and request revisions if you wish. Once you are happy with the work you will be asked to confirm payment and the writer will be paid. Scripted holds your payment at the beginning of the project to ensure you pay when you are happy with the final product.

Much like Upwork and other freelance platforms Scripted essentially acts as a middleman and leaves the actual management of each project up to the writers and the client. This can of course lead to problems, but they have some good systems in place to make the whole process run as smoothly as possible.

Scripted reviews

Scripted reviews on TrustPilot are pretty average with just 2.6 out of 5 stars from 19 reviews.

scripted reviews

However, this is from only 19 reviews of which about half are 5 stars and the other half 1 star – meaning users have had either a really good or really bad experience with the site.

Scripted reviews on are 3.1 out of 5 starts from 26 reviews in total.

scripted review

On the positive side, reviewers say that it is a dependable site, it allows you to set your own prices, and that the company is responsive when contacted with issues.

On the negative side, reviewers are not very impressed with the high membership fees and some even complain of surprise billings to their credit cards.


  • Vetted Writers – vets every writer on their platform to ensure they can write high-quality content.
  • Extensive Services – you can find writers for multiple content types including, blog posts, e-books, press releases, and website content.
  • Set Your Own Prices – you can set a specific project cost for the work you want to be done.
  • Extensive Platform – Scripted has lots of features to help you find writers, manage projects, and make payments for work carried out.


  • Scripted say they use a tough vetting process to let writers join the platform to ensure quality. According to the company, only 2% of applicants are accepted to become writers and they must pass writing tests before they join.  
  • Their website offers a range of tools to help you produce better assignment/ project listings so that you can attract the best talent. The platform also includes tools so that you can manage the whole project from the website – including selecting your writer, requesting edits, and making payments.
  • Scripted offers a satisfaction guarantee for every content order – this means you don’t have to pay until you are 100% happy with your order. This can help reduce some of the risks associated with working with online freelancers.
  • On Scripted you can find writers who are experts in a range of fields and have a good track record writing unique and engaging content. You can also find writers for a range of different content types such as blog posts, press releases, email newsletters, e-books, articles, and social media descriptions.


  • The biggest downside of using Scripted is their membership fees. Even if you only use the platform once or twice during the month you still have to pay the full fee. Considering there are multiple other freelance platforms online without membership fees it’s hard to justify using Scripted over these alternatives. For a good overview of freelance writer prices check out our review here.
  • When you use Scripted you have to manage the relationship between yourself and the freelance writer that you hire – this can cause issues when there are disputes and can result in projects not been delivered on time.
  • If you use Scripted, then you have to be a good enough writer yourself that you will be able to proofread and edit the final product to ensure it is up to a high standard. Even though they offer a satisfaction guarantee you still have to know yourself that they have delivered you high-quality content. If you want a higher level of customer service, then you might be better using a different platform or writing service.


Scripted has membership fees that you must pay ranging from $149 to $2500 per month depending on your content needs. They do however give each new user a 30-day free trial to check the platform out. 

Each pricing tire gives you a different set of unique features, service levels, and discounts. For example, the higher membership levels include in-depth editing, discounts of up to 20%, and phone and email support. 

Content then is charged on top of this between $50 and $70 on average per 1000 words. Generally, the more words you order the lower you will pay.

Writing for Scripted

Writing for Scripted comes with mixed experiences, according to reviews from writers on Glassdoor, which are at 3.3 out of 5 stars, as of September 19th, 2021.

The positive reviews say that the pay is always on time and you can work from anywhere in the world. While some of the negative reviews say that proposals are declined often, and you have to be good at handling rejection. 

There are opportunities on Scripted for novice and experienced writers. They have clients in 37 industries, and so if you’re a good writer, there will likely be opportunities to write about topics you enjoy.

Naturally, because of the platform’s size, writers will have different experiences. The only way to find out whether writing becoming a Scripted writer is a good fit for you is to apply and try them out.

To apply as a writer for Scripted, create an account here.

Top alternatives

Scripted is a great choice for businesses of all sizes, but there are also many great alternatives out there. To help you out, we have reviewed some of the best content writing services which you can find below.

Final thoughts

If you require a large and constant amount of content to be written, then paying the membership fee to join Scripted might make sense for you. The discount you get on each writing assignment will make it worthwhile since you will pay a lot less. 

But if you only need content produced sporadically then there are certainly better options for you that don’t involve paying annual membership fees.

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