10 Places to Sell an Amazon FBA Business

Amazon FBA is a super convenient business model that employs Amazon to help with your shipping logistic needs. FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. Basically, what this means is that you sell your product while Amazon fulfills and ships the orders. 

You may be wondering why people choose Amazon FBA. There are several reasons, with the most obvious being ease and convenience. Using Amazon FBA cuts out the significant time you would have to spend on shipping logistics. It’s also a money saver compared to shipping yourself. Not only this, but it increases your reach, helping you to become a global business. If you’re a new seller, you may also be able to unlock a whole load of bonuses. These include free shipping and returns. Check out the Amazon website for more information. 

Amazon FBA businesses can be bought and sold like any other e-commerce business. If you’re interested, it’s always wise to get a little bit of help with the sales process. There are many different websites and services that will help you to sell your Amazon FBA business. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 so you can evaluate which is the best option for you. 

Here is your guide to the 10 best places to sell your Amazon FBA business. 

1. Empire Flippers

Our all-time favorite option, Empire Flippers is an excellent place to sell your Amazon FBA business. But why should you choose Empire Flippers? Well, for one, they’re amazing for first-time sellers or those with little time on their hands. This is because they do absolutely everything for you. Therefore, you don’t have to source lots of information or contact back and forth; you just have to leave your business in the team’s capable hands. In addition, Empire Flippers keeps all your information secret to avoid any non-buyers capitalizing on your intellectual property. If you’re ready to make a good profit on your Amazon FBA business without having to put in countless hours of work, get in touch with the team today. 

2. BizBuySell

One of the many great things about BizBuySell is that they have a network with various other companies, allowing you to gain unparalleled exposure. If you’re looking to sell, you want to attract the most potential buyers possible. BizBuySell is here to help you do just that. There are so many glowing reviews from customers. Sellers love that they were able to save time and money, receiving offers above and beyond what they ever could have expected. Leave your Amazon FBA business in the capable hands of BizBuySell; you won’t be sorry. 

3. FE International

A large, trusted firm, FE International is committed to helping you get the best result possible for your business sale. The technical expertise that this company offers is unrivaled. They have their own accountants, valuers, and mergers and acquisitions experts, all within FE International, to ensure all your selling needs are taken care of. If you’re interested, start with a valuation of your business. It’s absolutely free and couldn’t be easier with FE International. There’s also a specific part of the FE International website dedicated to e-commerce, so if you have any questions, this is your first port of call. 

4. Digital Exits

Do you have a medium-sized Amazon FBA business? Then Digital Exits could be for you. If you’ve received a valuation of over $100,000, then having a specialized business broker could benefit you. The team at Digital Exits are the pros at dealing with businesses of this size. All it takes to get the ball rolling is three easy steps. First, you request a valuation from Digital Exits, and then they’ll get in touch with you for additional information. Finally, you’ll receive a figure. If you’re happy, you can let them represent your business and secure a sale. 

5. Quiet Light 

If you want expert advice, Quiet Light has the real-world experience to help you out. The great thing about Quiet Light is that they’re transparent. They’ll tell you when you should sell and for how much to ensure you have the best chance of making a decent profit. Quiet Light isn’t just looking to make a quick sale. They want to do whatever is going to benefit you in the long run, even if that means giving you advice now and helping you sell further down the road. They have a proven track record with all sorts of e-commerce businesses, so they’re an excellent pick for listing your Amazon FBA business. 

6. Flippa

Another big player in the website sales industry, Flippa is a fantastic place to list your Amazon FBA business. You can even search specifically for Amazon businesses on their website, so you know you’re reaching your target audience. Being such a large, trusted platform, Flippa attracts genuine buyers. They also vet all buyers to prevent any scams or time wasting. If you’re not yet convinced, check out their success stories. From people selling humble blogs for hundreds of thousands to multi-million dollar business sales, Flippa has handled it all. 

7. BizQuest

If you’re looking for a low-risk place to sell your business, this is the one. BizQuest is a no-commission platform. This means you’re getting amazing value for money when you sell with BizQuest. They’re committed to helping you get the best sale fast. No more waiting around for a buyer to come along. BizQuest will also list your business on their partner websites, including BizBuySell, which we’ve discussed above. If you want to get started today, it’s super quick and easy. Make a listing in under 10 minutes, and the offers will start rolling in. 

8. Motion Invest

If you want to make your next big move in business, look no further than Motion Invest. They’re experts in website and e-commerce sales. This makes them the ideal platform to sell any Amazon FBA business, as they’ve got proven experience in this domain. People come to Motion Invest explicitly looking for online businesses to buy. This means they’ve captured your niche target audience, increasing the likelihood of a sale. Motion Invest really knows what they’re doing. In fact, their listings sell in an average of 12 days. Who says selling a business needs to be slow and painful? 

9. Acquire.com

Acquire.com is a well-known platform for selling businesses, and there’s good reason for this. This website has an incredible success rate. Therefore, they attract hundreds of thousands of buyers and sellers, including those interested in Amazon FBA businesses. Customers love how easy this platform is to use. There are no complicated hoops to jump through to list your business. However, this doesn’t mean just anyone can buy or sell. Acquire.com ensures that all their buyers can be trusted to avoid any scams or timewasting. 

10. OpenStore

In some cases, people with Shopify businesses use fulfillment by Amazon. If this is you, OpenStore is the place to list your business. Because they focus on Shopify stores, they can provide the expert guidance you’ll need. The great thing about OpenStore is that they’ll directly buy your Shopify business from you without you having to worry about vetting buyers. Additionally, if you’d rather hang onto your store, they can take it over for a year and provide you with a monthly salary while running your business. Two excellent options! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the difference between a Shopify business and an Amazon FBA business? 

Shopify is a platform for businesses to sell products, whereas Amazon FBA is a business model in which Amazon handles shipping logistics for your products. There can be some overlap between these two separate concepts. For example, someone with a Shopify store can use Amazon FBA. They would have to download a separate app on their Shopify store to make this work. In this way, they can use Shopify to handle the storefront and platform while using Amazon to deal with shipping and handling. 

Why should I sell my Amazon FBA business? 

As a business owner, selling is sometimes just the right decision. This may be a timing thing – perhaps you’re in a busy period with running other businesses or working, or maybe you have family commitments. Your Amazon FBA business may have grown significantly, allowing you to profit from a sale. It may be becoming too challenging to run as an individual. Whatever your reason is, it’s completely valid. Just ensure you get expert advice and know the right time to sell. 

Where should I sell my Amazon FBA business? 

We know we’ve provided a lot of options on this list, and it can be difficult to know just which one to go with. There are a couple of options that are for particular sellers. For instance, Digital Exits is more catered towards those with medium-sized Amazon FBA businesses worth $100,000 or more. Additionally, OpenStore is for those who want to sell their Shopify store. Overall, if you’re unsure which option to choose, start with our number 1. Empire Flippers is the place to start if you’re really interested in selling.

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