10 Places to Sell an Ecommerce Business

Have you had enough of your ecommerce business? Is it time to cash out? You’re at the right place! Selling a business of any kind is no easy decision, but getting paid for the years of blood, sweat, and tears you’ve put into your business can be very rewarding.

While selling a business isn’t a quick or simple process, there are marketplaces, platforms, and services that can make the process as simple as possible. 

Let’s get straight into it – here are the 10 best places to sell an ecommerce business. 

1. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is by far the best place to sell an ecommerce business. While Empire Flippers sell many types of businesses, e-commerce-focused businesses have always been their core focus. With a secure, modern, and intuitive platform, wide range of services, selection of high-quality listings, and secure transaction process, this online marketplace is popular for a reason.  

Only the best buyers and sellers qualify for Empire Flippers, due to their strict vetting process. In fact, for someone to view the private details about the business you’re listing, they have to prove they have the available funds in cash to purchase your business at its listing price. Empire Flippers takes the time to find quality sellers so buyers know that listings are good-quality businesses. So they get sold very quickly, making this one of the best platforms on the internet to sell an ecommerce business. 

2. Website Closers

Unlike a traditional marketplace, Website Closers operate as a brokerage. This means that their team of professionals work alongside you throughout the whole selling process, including the valuation, negotiation, and transaction. With over 20 years of experience in the industry and ability to work with a wide range of businesses, Website Closers can bring a wealth of expertise to help you sell your business quicker. 

Part of their popularity lies in their eye-catching listings. Potential buyers can browse a selection of informative yet visually-appealing businesses while sorting by cash flow, revenue, or asking price. And when they’re interested enough to learn more, a quick press of the “details” button gives a comprehensive look into the information they need to know.

3. Flippa

Founded in 2009 and now based in Australia and the US, Flippa is a marketplace where users all around the world can sell every type of business — from blogs and websites, to apps and ecommerce stores. With a wide range of integrated tools to help make the transaction process smoother, and a large pool of buyers and sellers to connect with, Flippa is one of the more well-known platforms on this list. 

Like any other reputable marketplace, Flippa thoroughly vets listings to ensure the trust is maintained throughout the community. Take it one step further and have your business vetted for its operational or financial performance, and you’ll get a special verification icon that can make it more desirable to potential buyers.  

4. Quiet Light

Quiet Light states that 85% of their listings sell in 90 days or less, so if you want to sell your ecommerce business fast, this business broker may be a great option. Specializing in online businesses, Quiet Light helps you mediate the sale of your business, meaning less stress for you and the ability to let them manage the finer details. 

Because the team behind Quiet Light comprises of entrepreneurs experienced in selling businesses and websites, they operate with a “been there done that” mindset. This means you’ll be placing your ecommerce business in the hands of people who have been in your position before and can advise you on the best course of action. 

5. Business Exits

With a focus on selling businesses with a revenue of $2M to $60M, Business Exits have grown exponentially since being founded in 2013. As a business brokerage firm dealing with larger businesses and deals, their 95% success rate showcases their skill and expertise, meaning if you successfully start working with them, there’s a high chance your business will sell for a good deal. 

Due to a smaller team size, your relationship with Business Exits will be more personalized. Once you’ve taken advantage of their free valuation tool, you’ll progress through an in-depth process that covers every aspect, from marketing and contract development to the post-sale transition and more. 

6. BuySellEmpire

As a private online marketplace for a wide range of online businesses, BuySellEmpire has a buyer and seller network of over 10,000 users and a wide range of vetted business listings. If you’re relatively new in the ecommerce world and you need assistance with details like legal templates or due diligence, their dedicated team can consult and work with you. 

Compared to other marketplaces, BuySellEmpire may not be as big or as well-known, but their low success fees and relatively efficient and quick process makes them a straightforward and high-quality option to go for. 

7. FE International

Known for their customer-centric approach and high success rate of 94.1%, FE International is a global M&A advisor of ecommerce businesses. Like a typical business brokerage, the team at FE International match buyers with the right websites and businesses that fit their requirements. And if you’re wanting to sell, they have strong relationships with key players in the online business world, meaning your business can get sold quicker. 

Clients regularly praise their post-sale training and support, which is relatively thorough compared to other brokerages. With experts in legal, accounting, valuation, and virtually everything you need to sell your business, FE International is a great choice. 

8. Acquire.com

If your ecommerce business is still in its initial stage, working with a platform like Acquire.com may be preferred over other platforms focusing on larger or more established businesses. With a focus on startups, Acquire.com ensures that only serious buyers are allowed into their marketplace, due to their paid membership model. 

Their delightfully modern and easy-to-use interface makes the website a pleasure to navigate, and potential buyers are able to enter specific criteria to find only the best deals for them. This ensures your ecommerce business will be seen by the right eyes, and acquisition can happen in as quick as 30 days. 

9. Latona’s 

If you’re looking for a simple and straightforward way to list your business without all the bells and whistles, Latona’s is a business broker that can help you get your ecommerce business onto their varied listing homepage with minimal fuss. Their experienced team has over 15 years of experience in the buy and sell industry, so they’ll be able to advise you on the ins and outs, and everything to expect. 

While their level of support during the transaction and transfer process isn’t as high as other business brokers, Latona’s does provide intensive listing information to potential buyers, including an executive summary, income information, and details on operations, which may help improve your viewings. 

10. SideProjectors

If you’re looking for a unique way to sell and showcase your ecommerce business, SideProjectors is a free marketplace targeting smaller e-commerce stores. So if you started your business as a side hustle and are now looking to sell it quickly, Side Projectors is worth checking out.  

As a seller, you’ll be able to write a quick project description, state how the website was built, list project metrics (like website visitors or average revenue per month), and further information. Potential buyers can then “like” and “comment” on your post and even negotiate the price for sale. 

Frequently asked questions 

How much can I sell my ecommerce business for? 

How much you can sell your ecommerce business for will depend on your annual net profit, what goods or services you’re selling, the size of your business, and other factors. This can range from a couple of thousands to over $1 million. It’s worth having various consultations or trying out several valuation tools across different business brokers before you settle for one. 

How do I choose the best place to sell my ecommerce business? 

Some business brokers have a no-complete listing clause in their contract, so it’s advised to research well before you settle for one. Understand the buyers you are trying to target, their needs, and where they usually search. You can also enquire about success rate, fees, and reputability (from sites like trustpilot) when researching platforms. 

The bottom line 

Selling your ecommerce business is often a complex process, but it doesn’t need to be! Various platforms can position your business in the best light, manage the ins and outs of the selling process, advise you on the best course of action, and help you complete the sale as smoothly as possible. 

From business brokers specializing in larger online businesses, to marketplaces that focus on niche ecommerce sites, finding the right place to sell your business is now easier than ever.

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