10 Places to Sell a Shopify Store

If you’re in the e-commerce game, you’ll know how difficult some of the logistics can be. To sell products online, you have to find some sort of platform, such as a website. Even if you’ve got your own dedicated website or storefront, getting word out can be tricky. You also have everyday operations to think about. This is where Shopify comes in. 

On Shopify, you can build your own dedicated online store through their platform. Here, you can easily attract customers and sell your products. You can also sell through social media or other online avenues with Shopify. It’s as simple as paying a subscription fee to use Shopify services. 

If you have an established Shopify store and you’re looking to move on to different opportunities, it’s great to know that you have the option to sell your Shopify store. In this way, it’s just like any other business. But how? 

Below, we’ll list 10 of the best places to sell a Shopify store. These are websites that attract thousands of customers looking to buy Shopify businesses just like yours. Without further ado, let’s begin. Here are the 10 best places to sell a Shopify store. 

1. Empire Flippers

Coming in at number one on our list, Empire Flippers are at the top of the business sales game. They are also specialists in online businesses, including e-commerce. We love the transparency at Empire Flippers. There are no gimmicks and scams with this platform. For instance, businesses are charged a flat commission fee, so you don’t have to worry about how much will get taken off the top – it’s all laid out for you. They also make it as easy as can be, providing a detailed list of information you’ll have to provide to list your business. If you’re out there building your empire, this website is the perfect place to start. 

2. OpenStore

With OpenStore, you get two great options for your Shopify business. You can allow OpenStore to manage your business for a year while paying you monthly income. This takes all the stress off your hands while still providing profit. On the other hand, it’s a place where you can outright sell your business as well. If you proceed with this option, you could get it sorted in a couple of weeks. The great thing about this is you can sell directly to OpenStore without worrying about vetting potential buyers or working through offers. OpenStore sorts the whole process for you.

3. FE International

Experts in mergers and acquisitions, FE International wants to help you sell your business, whether small or large. There is even a specific area of their website dedicated to e-commerce, which includes Shopify stores. The buyers that this service attracts have capital behind them. In fact, their 80,000 buyers represent as much as $41 billion. Basically, they have the customers; you just have to provide your business and the information they need to make the sale.  

4. Flippa

One of the big names in business sales, Flippa is another excellent place to sell your Shopify store. It couldn’t be easier to get started with Flippa. You can sign up with no obligations without having to provide payment or credit card details upfront. Flippa is a fantastic option for this particular kind of business sale, as they evaluate metrics directly on Shopify itself. They’ll also look across various other platforms to ensure they really know your business inside out. As a first step, you can get your business valued by Flippa for free. It couldn’t be easier than that! 

5. Quiet Light 

If you’ve ever tried to sell a business online before, you probably experienced a fair share of time wasters and few genuine offers. This is not the case with Quiet Light. Happy customers have found that they field numerous prospective offers and even get to pick their buyers. Something we love about the team at Quiet Light is that they have real, on-the-ground experience. Many of them have sold their own online businesses, so know exactly what you’re going through. If you’re not yet convinced, check out their long list of recent sales. The results really speak for themselves. 

6. Website Closers

This service does exactly what it says it will – closes the deal – and in record time. Not many similar services can claim they’ve been going for two decades. Website Closers, however, was founded in 1998, so they’ve got a vast amount of experience helping people sell their websites and online businesses. Over that time, the online landscape has changed significantly, but Website Closers has stayed consistent and kept up with the times. They’ve sold everything from the largest tech businesses to the smallest online stores and websites. So you can be sure that your Shopify store is in safe hands with Website Closers. 

7. Acquire.com

Though they have a focus on startups, Acquire.com has sold all manner of small businesses. This makes the website a great place to list your Shopify business. The helpful team at Acquire.com will help you to curate a listing for your shop that attracts the right kind of buyers, ensuring you get the best price possible. The market on Acquire.com is huge, as they attract hundreds of thousands of potential buyers with significant web traffic. 

8. Motion Invest

If you’re getting sick of waiting to sell your Shopify store and want to get the ball rolling, give Motion Invest a try. The team is dedicated to helping you succeed, and quickly. They focus on websites and online content, so they are a perfect match for those in the Shopify game. Starting with a free valuation, Motion Invest will help you speed through the due diligence process. They’ll also thoroughly vet potential buyers to ensure you’re receiving genuine offers from those with the cash to back them. 

9. Ecommerce Brokers 


As you can see from the name, Ecommerce Brokers are experts in facilitating sales of online businesses. They have even been advertised on Shopify itself, so you know this is an ideal place to make your sale. Ecommerce Brokers are all about relationships. This means they’re committed to really getting to know you and your business so they can deliver on your goals. To get started, give them a call today. Unlike some other listing websites, their process is super simple and straightforward. Plus, their brokers will guide you through every step of the way. 

10. BizBuySell

A larger service, BizBuySell, attracts a significant number of buyers and sellers, and this number is only increasing. If you want to get the word out far and wide about your Shopify store, this is the place to go. BizBuySell is an excellent option if you’re looking to sell multiple businesses. For instance, you may have a few different Shopify stores or e-commerce businesses to sell. BizBuySell can set you up to sell these all at once, making the process super simple. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How is selling a Shopify store different from other online businesses?  

Selling your Shopify store is similar to selling other types of online businesses. The only real difference is that you have to follow the guidelines set up by Shopify. These are all conveniently listed on the Shopify website. The guidelines include ticking boxes like getting a valuation and creating a business plan looking forward. Luckily, many of the above services will help you do all of this, making the sale as easy as possible. If you’re unsure about anything, you could ask a broker at any of the websites above. Be aware that those using Shopify Credit or Shopify Capital cannot sell or transfer their store to another individual. 

Why should I sell my Shopify store? 

Like any business, making a Shopify store successful requires time and effort. If your business is growing and you’re struggling to keep up with demand, you might consider selling as one of your options. You could also build up your Shopify business and sell it as a way to make a profit. Above all, selling any business is a personal decision. If you have any worries or concerns, speaking to brokers at any of the above websites is a good first step. 

How do I start a Shopify store? 

If you’re considering starting a Shopify store, good news! It’s a pretty simple thing to do. The hard bit is coming up with a business plan and a niche. This is what will make you stand out from the crowd. Once you have a business idea and a product to sell, you can start a free trial with Shopify. Then, you can use the store builder tool to set up your storefront. Following this, you can connect your store to various apps to make logistics and marketing easier. For instance, you can use Point of Sale or social media platforms like TikTok. Check out the Shopify website for a comprehensive guide on how to get started. This will also give you a better idea of costs once you’ve surpassed your free trial.

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