Semrush Content Marketplace: Reviews, Pricing, and Alternatives

Content marketing is one of the best tactics there is to drive traffic to your website, increase conversions and boost brand awareness.

To create amazing content it needs to be high-quality and engaging so that your audience wants to read it. 

One of the best ways to ensure your content is great is to work with a 3rd party content writing service. One of those services is Semrush Marketplace.

Semrush content marketplace overview

Semrush is a U.S based company that offers several software tools and products to marketers from all over the world. One of their products is Semrush Marketplace. This product allows marketers to hire content creators to create content types including blog posts, product descriptions, website copy, e-books, and more.

To use the service, you simply go to their website and create an account. From there you can then place orders for content. For example, if you want to order a 500-word article you can fill an order form with all of the specific details of the article such as the title, the topic, the tone you want, etc., and then one of their vetted writers will write the article for you.

Once you receive the finished article you can then request up to three revisions by leaving notes for the writer. Once you are satisfied with the finished product you can then publish it to your website or blog.

Overall, the company offers a very simple-to-use website compared to several other content writing services we have reviewed. It is very easy to place an order, track your order, request revisions, and then receive the completed content.

Semrush content marketplace reviews

To find out if the company produces high-quality content, we looked up how the company has been reviewed by their past and present clients.

Semrush Content Marketplace reviews on Product Hunt are incredibly good. As of April 2021, they have an overall rating of 4 out of 5 from over 29 reviews.

The positive reviews mention that the company produces very high-quality content, that they are reliable, and that content is optimized for search engines. The only negative feedback I could find mentions that their content marketing prices are higher than working with freelancers or with some of the other online content writing agencies.


  • Multiple Content Types – Semrush Marketplace can produce all major content types for you. For example, you can order articles, e-books, blog posts, product descriptions, and website copy. 
  • SEO Experts – Semrush is an expert at search engine optimization. All content they produce includes keyword research and implementation.
  • Transparent Pricing – when you place an order through their platform you will be given the exact price it will cost you.
  • Easy to Use – Semrush Marketplace is a well-designed website that is very easy to use. You can place orders, request revisions, and receive the finished content all from within the website.


  • Semrush Marketplace can produce all major content types for you, including articles, product descriptions, and e-books. You can essentially outsource all of your content marketing to them.
  • The Semrush website is very easy to use and includes lots of features to manage the whole content ordering process.
  • Semrush Marketplace says that they fully vet every writer that they hire to write content for them. This means you don’t have to interview writers yourself which can be time-consuming. 
  • Semrush Marketplace is part of the larger Semrush group of companies. This means you can easily integrate your content marketing efforts with their other tools to boost your results.
  • The company offers premium subscriptions for a low monthly fee which gives you access to more features on the website and discounts on content orders. If you order a lot of content, then this discount could equate to a very significant amount of money.


  • It will cost you a lot more money using a service like Semrush Marketplace than if you work with freelance writers. However, you will have to manage the content development process more.
  • If you outsource your content marketing to a company like Semrush Marketplace, then it can be difficult to bring your content marketing in-house later when you can afford to. This means you might become too dependent on the company, and it makes it harder to turn your content marketing efforts into a competitive advantage.
  • Each time you place an order through the Semrush Marketplace the company assigns your content order to one of their writers. This means it can be difficult to get the same writer each time you place an order which could result in your content having an inconsistent tone and voice.


Semrush Marketplace content writing prices are roughly in line with what other major content writing services charge. Here are what they charge for each content type (final prices will depend on the specifics of the content you order):

  • Press releases – start from $28
  • Articles – start from $36
  • Product descriptions – start from $27
  • E-books – start from $405
  • Website copy – start from $54
  • Email newsletters – start from $22

You can also sign-up for a premium subscription for $40 per month ($33 per month if you sign up to an annual plan) which will give you a 10% discount on all orders that you place.

Top Semrush content marketplace alternatives

Semrush Marketplace is a very good option if you are looking for a content marketing company to work with. However, there are some other companies and freelance platforms you should also check out before you make a decision. 

Please check out our reviews of some of the top Semrush Marketplace alternatives by clicking on the links below.

Final thoughts

Semrush Content Marketplace is a very well-designed service that lets you order all major content types that you need to run a successful content marketing strategy. Although their prices are generally in line with most other content writing services in the industry there are much cheaper options if you have a limited budget.

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