10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Singapore (2024)

Singapore is a bustling high-tech metropolis with a lot of opportunities. But as a local Singaporean or international company looking to expand in this city, it can be a challenging market to penetrate due to the high competition. Many companies turn to digital marketing to help increase their online visibility. It can be very effective, but only when executed well, so many companies enlist an agency’s help to plan and carry out digital campaigns. 

The most challenging part of working with an agency is the initial stage of finding a good one. There are many out there, and that’s the issue. They all appear to offer the same services, so knowing who to trust and who gets results can be difficult. To help you find an agency, we’ve rounded up some top picks for your consideration.

Here are the 10 best digital marketing agencies in Singapore.

1. Writing Studio

Writing Studio is a digital marketing agency with a specialty in content writing. We write articles, pages, product descriptions, and various other types of content for every major industry, including healthcare, cosmetics, B2B, finance, and more.

Writing Studio consists of a large team of subject matter expert writers, editors, and veteran content managers that all work together to help you create better content, faster. Whether you require five content pieces per month, or 100 +, we have the systems and processes to deliver high-quality content on time. 

Content is an essential part of effective digital marketing and SEO. But it can be very time-consuming, and often it’s not worth building a content team when you can outsource it to a provider such as Writing Studio. If you haven’t already found an ideal content provider, it would be great to learn more about your requirements to see if we can help.

2. Impossible Marketing

Impossible Marketing is a Singapore-based award-winning digital marketing agency. Impossible Marketing has been helping local companies make the impossible possible since 2012. They have helped over 1,000 big, and small brands grow their online presence and offer various digital services, including SEO, SEM, lead generation, social media marketing, and video marketing.

Impossible Marketing has worked with companies such as Superdry, Nanyang National University, and Changi Travel Services. They also have more than 500 positive reviews on Google, Facebook, and more. As a home-grown Singaporean company, Impossible Marketing is proud to support local businesses and help them use digital marketing to get results.

3. Heroes of Digital

Heroes of Digital is a leading digital marketing agency that combines proprietary technology with digital marketing specialists to help clients get results. Heroes of Digital is the only digital agency in Singapore that has built proprietary technology to help SMEs get better digital marketing results. They claim to have outperformed campaigns 94% of the time, which is impressive.

The company offers four main categories of digital marketing services: SEO, SEM, social media marketing, and website design. Whether you require help with one aspect, such as web design, or an entire digital marketing campaign that involves every aspect, Heroes of Digital can make that happen. The agency has excellent reviews from past and present clients and has solid case studies.

4. Digital Squad

Digital Squad is a digital marketing agency that provides high-performance, ROI, and data-driven strategies that work. Digital Squad has won multiple B2B and B2C awards, from single-channel digital campaigns to complicated integrated marketing campaigns. 

Digital Squad offers several services: SEO, Google Ads, Facebook marketing, content marketing, B2B marketing, lead generation, LinkedIn marketing, CRO, and remarketing. This agency has worked with some of the biggest local and international brands including Singapore Airlines, Fonterra, and BP, and other fast-growing companies such as City Fitness. 

5. First Page

First Page is a leading digital agency that provides a smarter, faster way to drive traffic to your website. The company’s service offering is extensive, ranging from SEO to Google Ads, social media, copywriting content marketing, reputation management, HubSpot automation management, and more. 

First Page has worked with small local brands and leading enterprises, such as Singapore American School, Under Armour, and World Vision. What separates First Page from many other digital agencies is their focus on creating custom and tailored solutions that are ideal for your requirements. They value their clients and want to see them succeed, and this is the truth, as they have countless positive reviews from past and present clients and great case studies.

6. OOm

OOm is a digital agency that caters to all your needs in the digital journey. Oom works with SMEs, enterprises, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. They love digital marketing and helping others grow online, acting more like a partner rather than a typical agency.

Oom offers various services, including SEM, youTube Ads, SEO, social marketing (organic and paid), website design and development, hosting, content marketing, and more. Oom has won several awards, such as the local agency of the yea and SEM agency of the year. Overall the company seems to be well-known and respected and has lots of great reviews from clients.

7. Delitier & Co.

Delitier & Co. is a digital agency focusing on content strategy and brand consultancy. They help companies build a strong brand through their services and creative packages, with their services banded into three categories: digital, creative, and consultancy. For digital, they offer everything from branding to advertising and content creation, as well as media planning, analytics, and social media management.

Delitier & Co. has worked with an impressive list of companies, including PayPal, Converse, and Luxe Montre. Overall, Delitier & Co. has excellent reviews, with previous clients commenting on their professionalism and the quality of work they produce.

8. Codedesign 

Codedesign is a results-driven digital marketing agency that helps companies increase revenue and sales qualified leads. Codedesign’s team of digital marketers has planned and executed thousands of successful digital marketing campaigns. The services they offer include paid search, content marketing, social media paid advertising, Amazon marketing, CRM management, and more.

Impressively, Codedesign has an 86% client retention rate and a client recommendation score 376% higher than the average market percentage. Companies such as Microsoft and Nestle have trusted Codedesign as a partner.

9. PurpleClick 

PurpleClick is a performance-driven digital agency that offers ‘360-degree- digital marketing services, including SEM, SEO, programmatic ads, GDN, Facebook marketing, and more. They value being performance-driven, strategic, and customer-focused to ensure that you get results. 

PurpleClick was founded in 2006. Since its inception, it has earned over 30 industry recognitions, including ‘search marketing agency of the year.’ With over 15,000 past and present clients in Singapore and abroad, from start-ups to large enterprises, chances are, they can help you regardless of your business model or digital marketing needs. 

10. AJ Marketing

AJ Marketing is a creative advertising agency that helps Singapore and companies in the Asia Pacific companies grow. The company provides several key services, including influencer marketing (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok) and digital marketing (paid ads, social media, SEO, PR).

AJ Marketing serves clients in various industries, from blockchain, applications, gaming, food, and parenting, and has worked with some of the world’s largest brands such as TikTok and Adobe. If you’re looking for an agency that can provide ‘standard’ digital services and has access to influencers in Asia, AJ Marketing is a great choice to consider.

The bottom line

Finding a digital marketing agency is a serious decision and an important step in scaling a business. Hopefully, this list of agencies has made finding an agency easier. When considering agencies to work with, take your time before deciding. It’s essential to ensure that the agency is competent and knows how to get results. But also that they are friendly and easy to work with, as that can make a big difference to the working relationship.

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