The 10 Best Stock Video APIs to Use (2024)

Whether you’re a developer, marketer, or content creator, integrating high-quality video content into your projects is key to capturing your audience’s attention. Stock video APIs simplify this process, providing seamless access to extensive libraries of video assets.

In this article, we’ll explore what stock video APIs are, the benefits they offer, and highlight our top ten choices to help you find the perfect fit for your creative needs. Let’s get started!

What is a stock video API?

A stock video API is a set of rules and protocols that allows applications to search, preview, and retrieve high-quality video clips from a stock video platform’s database. It enables developers to integrate the platform’s video library into their own applications, websites, or digital products, providing users with direct access to a vast collection of licensable video content. This can range from short clips to full-length films, across various categories and themes.

In addition to basic retrieval, the API may offer functionalities such as video transcoding, resizing, and other video processing tasks. It’s a powerful tool for enhancing the multimedia capabilities of an application, making it easier to incorporate professional-grade video content.

What are the benefits of using stock video APIs?

Stock video APIs offer numerous benefits for businesses, content creators, and developers. They provide access to vast libraries of high-quality videos, eliminating the need for in-house video production.

Key benefits include:

  • Convenience and efficiency
  • Quality and consistency
  • Cost-effective
  • Time-saving
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability

Stock video APIs allow you to instantly access a variety of professional videos, ensuring high standards with expertly produced stock footage. They offer a cost-effective solution, saving on production costs and speeding up your workflow with quick video integration. They also provide flexibility, enhancing user experience with videos for diverse applications, and scalability, allowing for easy content production expansion. By integrating these APIs into your workflow, you can focus on the creative aspects of your projects while leveraging the extensive resources available.

Best stock video APIs

1. Vecteezy

Vecteezy is a creative platform that understands the twists and turns of the creative process. They provide a wealth of resources, including fresh photography and vector illustrations from a vibrant creative community, all with worry-free licensing. This allows designers to create confidently, regardless of where they are in their creative journey.

Vecteezy’s REST API is easy to set up, making it popular with both coding newbies and tech giants. Their pricing is flexible, starting at affordable rates and scaling up to cater to enterprise customers. With user-friendly documentation and clear commands, you can integrate in minutes, giving your users seamless access to Vecteezy’s entire library of photos, videos, SVGs, and PNGs.

Trusted by top brands such as BBC, Microsoft, Facebook, and Disney, Vecteezy has earned a stellar reputation, boasting a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot from over 25,000 reviews. By integrating the Vecteezy API, you’re not just enhancing your business – you’re empowering your users with limitless creative possibilities directly within your app or website.

Stand out features

  • Worry-free licensing
  • Powerful search
  • Simple integration

2. Adobe Stock

With the Adobe Stock API, integrating a variety of assets into your applications or services becomes straightforward. It provides programmatic access to Adobe Stock’s extensive library, encompassing photos, videos, and vector files. This seamless integration simplifies the process of finding and licensing the perfect asset for your project, directly within your workflows.

The API is free to use, with costs incurred only when you license an asset. Plus, Adobe doesn’t impose any limits on the number of API requests you can make. To get started, all you need is a free Adobe ID account.

The Adobe Stock API isn’t just a gateway to assets—it’s a powerful search tool as well. You can perform smarter searches with trending stock video insights, discover high-quality, customizable video templates, and utilize visual search to find similar images. With over 23 million high-quality HD and 4K stock videos, and millions of royalty-free stock videos, music tracks, and video templates, the choices are virtually endless.

Stand out features

  • 200 million assets available
  • Visual image search
  • Easy-to-follow docs and SDKs

3. Storyblocks

The Storyblocks API is a budget-friendly choice for creatives, offering a fixed price for unlimited use of their extensive video, image, and audio libraries. Integration is a breeze, unlocking a world of creative possibilities. Trusted by big names like WeVideo, Vistaprint, Prezi, Moovly, and Biteable, it’s easy to see why Storyblocks is a favorite.

With the Storyblocks API, your customers gain instant access to millions of stock media files, including After Effects and DaVinci Resolve templates, allowing them to create diverse projects effortlessly. The API also offers no-hassle licensing, providing royalty-free access to content and peace of mind about distribution.

Developers can hit the ground running with easy-to-use API test keys, and the flat fee model allows for seamless integration into your product offerings. Plus, you’ll have a dedicated customer support agent ready to answer all your questions. While the API is free to test, becoming a full Storyblocks API client unlocks full functionality, with costs varying depending on the libraries you choose and your monthly active users.

Stand out features

  • Unlimited search and download calls
  • Dedicated customer support
  • No-hassle licensing

4. Shutterstock

Shutterstock API, a pioneer in the stock media world since 2003, offers programmatic access to its extensive library of images, videos, and music. Trusted by leading tech companies across various industries, this API unleashes creativity with over 500 million assets sourced from over 2 million contributors across 150+ countries.

Getting started is straightforward. Set up a free or paid subscription, create an application, and authenticate to get a token. The API supports both HTTP basic and OAuth authentication, ensuring secure access to all endpoints. Developers can leverage the JavaScript SDK to simplify integration with JavaScript or Node.js applications.

Shutterstock API excels with its advanced search capabilities, worry-free licensing protection, and custom content curation. It’s scalable, featuring leading AI technology for reverse image search and object detection. Plus, it’s compatible with any request library that can send HTTPS requests, making it a versatile choice for developers.

Stand out features

  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Worry-free licensing protection
  • Custom content curation

5. Pexels

The Pexels API is the perfect tool for creatives on a budget. It offers free, seamless access to an impressive library of high-quality images and videos, all hand-picked and curated by a dedicated team. The API is user-friendly and easy to integrate, providing unlimited creative options without disrupting your workflow.

The Pexels API is more than just a gateway to great content—it’s a powerful search tool, vetted by over 100 million users and processing more than 15 billion requests each month. Whether you’re searching for specific themes, moods, or subjects, Pexels’ algorithm is designed to produce diverse results that reflect and celebrate our world.

Trusted by big names like Google, Hootsuite, Unstack, and Canva, the Pexels API helps millions of people bring their ideas to life. While it’s free to use, there are rate limits and usage restrictions to consider. The API’s video selection is also not as comprehensive as some commercial options, without as many advanced features or as much legal protection for commercial use.

Stand out features

  • Powerful search
  • Curated content
  • Free to use

6. API.Video

API.Video is a versatile platform that empowers product builders to effortlessly integrate video into their applications or services. Whether you’re developing an online learning platform, short-form videos, or an e-commerce site, API.Video has you covered. Add videos and live streams to any section of your website or app in minutes.

Developers can get started with low-code integrations, plugins, or API clients. API.Video handles any video format, encoding it to work on any screen. It offers storage, editing, and protection for your videos and streams, with backup storage to ensure you never lose your content.

API.Video is trusted by over 50,000 users, developers, and digital agencies, including big names like Continental, Mattel, Paris 2024, and Bauer Media Group. The platform is designed for top performance with rapid video encoding and a global network for fast playback.

Stand out features

  • Lightning-fast encoding
  • 20+ plugins, clients, and libraries
  • Global network for fast playback

7. Videvo

The Videvo API is a resourceful choice for creatives, offering access to over 700,000 royalty-free stock media assets through a RESTful interface. Trusted by over 610,000 users, it facilitates seamless searching and retrieval of images and videos, with more than 1.3 million downloads monthly.

With the Videvo API, your customers can effortlessly integrate a diverse collection of stock assets into their projects directly from your platform. The API includes a user-friendly Gallery Builder, empowering you to customize galleries to suit your needs during code integration.

While the Videvo API provides unlimited requests and is known for its reliability and simplicity in setup, it has some constraints. Users are capped at 100 requests per minute by default, and requests must be cached for 24 hours to optimize performance. Moreover, permanent hotlinking of images is prohibited, necessitating downloads to your server for use.

Stand out features

  • Over 700,000 stock media assets
  • User-friendly gallery builder
  • Affiliate program compatibility

8. Getty Images

The Getty Images API is a premium choice for creatives, offering access to a diverse collection of royalty-free videos, images, and vectors. Designed for easy implementation, this API allows seamless integration of high-quality content from Getty Images and iStock directly into your platform.

The API provides access to Getty Images’ extensive library, metadata, and advanced search technologies, including their Generative AI. Developers can get started quickly with technical documentation, sample code, and SDKs. Plus, globally distributed sales and technical support teams are available 24/7 to assist you wherever you are.

While the API offers exceptional content and features, licensing costs can be high, which may be a consideration for smaller projects. However, for those seeking top-tier media and comprehensive support, the Getty Images API stands out as a leading choice.

Stand out features

  • Generative AI by Getty Images
  • 24/7 global support
  • Diverse collection of royalty-free videos

9. Pixabay

The Pixabay API is a treasure trove for creatives, providing access to over 4.4 million free photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and videos. Operating on a RESTful interface, it simplifies searching and retrieving royalty-free images and videos seamlessly. Trusted by industry leaders like Canva, Photofy, PIXLR, Buffer, and Lightricks, it also powers Pixabay’s official Android and iOS mobile apps.

While the Pixabay API offers unlimited requests and boasts reliability, stability, and straightforward setup, there are limitations to consider. By default, users can make up to 100 requests per minute, with requests requiring caching for 24 hours. Additionally, permanent hotlinking of images is prohibited; instead, users must download images to their servers before use.

Stand out features

  • Over 4.4 million images & videos
  • Free 4K & HD stock videos
  • Used by prominent platforms

10. Pond5

Pond5 is a renowned platform in the stock video API industry, boasting over 10,130 API royalty-free stock footage and videos. With a Trustpilot score of 4.7 from 14,300 reviews, it’s clear that Pond5 is trusted and valued by its users. The platform stands out for its handpicked collections, extensively researched and compiled by its expert curation team.

Pond5’s API gives users access to the world’s largest catalog of royalty-free video and music, along with tens of millions of images, sound effects, motion graphics, and 3D models. They offer a variety of pricing options that cater to different needs, including both subscription-based and pay-as-you-go plans.

Pond5 is trusted by leading technology companies around the world, such as Filmora, ByteDance, Vidmob, and It’s also perfect for projects that connect with the past, offering the largest royalty-free archival collection of vintage lifestyle, historical classics, wartime imagery, and more.

Stand out features

  • Best-in-class search
  • Extensive catalog
  • Flexible pricing

Frequently asked questions

What is the best stock video library?

All top-stock video APIs have great libraries. The “best” one depends on the specific content you need and the licensing and payment options that suit you.

How much do stock video APIs cost?

The cost structure for stock video APIs can vary significantly. Some APIs are free to use, with charges only when you license a video. Others might have pricing structures based on the number of requests per minute. It’s a good idea to check out different APIs and find one that fits your budget and licensing requirements.

Can I freely use stock videos obtained through APIs on my website?

While stock video APIs offer a wealth of videos, usage rights can differ. Most videos need licensing, which might be included in the API cost or require an extra fee. Always check the specific licensing terms of the videos you plan to use to avoid any copyright issues.

Are there any restrictions on the number of videos I can use from an API?

The number of videos you can use from a stock video API can vary based on the API’s terms. Some may limit access based on your subscription or the number of API calls. Always review the API’s terms to understand any usage limits.

The bottom line

That wraps up our look at the 10 best stock video APIs. Each API offers unique features, from vast libraries and intuitive search tools to seamless integration and budget-friendly options.

Utilizing these APIs can transform your projects by adding high-quality video content without the hassle of extensive searches or high costs. Whether you’re developing an app, launching a marketing campaign, or enhancing your content, there’s an API on this list to meet your needs.

Happy creating!

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