10 Places to Find UK Content Writers for Hire

Content writing is an effective way of growing your business. Unlike paid advertising, content writing doesn’t work well as a short-term growth strategy. But over the long-term, building a library of valuable content can make a massive difference to your company’s growth through improving search engine positioning and increasing organic traffic.

Today, we’ll cover 10 places where you can hire UK content writers. There are some differences between each place, so you should hopefully be able to find one that suits your needs.

Why hire a content writer?

Hiring a content writer is a great way to increase traffic, engage your audience and achieve broader business objectives such as increasing revenue.

Content writers can write articles and pages targeting specific keywords your ideal customers are searching for, increasing your clicks from search engines. Furthermore, ranking high in search engines for the most important keywords in your industry will establish your brand as an authority in your field.

Good content is a way to ‘give before you receive’. While blog posts won’t always directly lead to more sales, they help grow your brand authority, growing your company’s revenue and market share long-term. Most people understand that good content writing is important; the challenge is finding good writers.

Here are 10 places to hire UK content writers.

1. Writing Studio

Writing Studio is a world-class content agency with UK content writers for hire. We have a team of writers, editors, and content managers dedicated to delivering the best content for your campaigns. We write blog posts, pages, product descriptions, press releases, eBooks, and white papers. The writers on our team have different specialities, so if you’re a healthcare company, our team will hand-pick from our healthcare writers, and likewise for any other industry.

2. Upwork

Upwork is a freelance platform with thousands of freelance content writers globally and in the UK. You can hire writers here to write any content type, and you’ll also find content writers that have a specialisation in specific industries. To find a writer on Upwork, you post a job and wait for applicants to apply. You can also invite content writers you like to apply to your job post.

3. Content Hero

Content Hero is a UK content writing agency that offers content writing services providing 100% unique, high-quality content with an easy ordering process. Unlike vetting and hiring writers, Content Hero manages the process for you, allowing you to order and receive content from content writers ready to publish. The content writers at Content Hero can write articles, web pages, SEO content, product descriptions, and case studies.

4. Copify

Copify is a company that provides you access to qualified and vetted writers that can write website content, blog posts, product descriptions, emails, and press releases. Leading companies such as eBay, Amazon and Deloitte trust Copify. Copify has content writers specialising in multiple industries, including law, travel, medicine, finance, and more. Copify also provides an easy-to-use platform where you can easily place content orders and receive your content within one place.

5. Brafton

Brafton is a content marketing agency with an in-house team of content writers with multi-faceted talent in web content writing, allowing them to create high-quality content in multiple industries. Brafton’s content writers are creatives that deeply understand your niche. Brafton’s writers aren’t just skilled wordsmiths, they are marketing experts with backgrounds in everything from technology to journalism. Brafton covers most industries, from finance and law to health, education, and technology.

6. Wait

Wait is a UK content agency with freelance content writers that write blog posts, product descriptions, and category pages. Wait has the capacity for more than 3,000 articles per week and is built for scale if that’s the kind of quantity you are looking for. Wait has over 230 content writers and proofreaders on its team, so it’s easy for them to handle large orders. Plus, the company offers affordable fixed prices per word.

7. Click Intelligence

Click Intelligence is a digital agency with a team of UK content writers. eBay, Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and other well-known companies trust Click Intelligence with their digital content needs. The company writes blog posts, web copy, press releases, and white papers. The company’s UK-based writers provide fast turnaround times, and Click Intelligence offers unlimited revisions on the content they write. They offer different price points for their writers depending on the level of professionalism you are looking for (either ‘premium’ or ‘elite). 

8. Solvid

Solvid is a content agency with an experienced team of in-house content. Solvid ensures content is search optimised, offers a fast turnaround of 24-48 hours, ensures the content is compelling and engaging and offers unlimited revisions. They have delivered 1,000s of articles for their clients and have had their work published and mentioned in top-tier publications such as Entrepreneur, HubSpot, GoDaddy and more. Solvid’s clients include Lookers, Lakeland, and WPKUBE.

9. Pearl Lemon

Pearl Lemon is an SEO agency with a team of writers for hire who write SEO-driven, reader-friendly content to help increase organic traffic and boost conversions for your business. Pearl Lemon’s team hand pick writers and only accepts 1% of them. In other words, they heavily vet the writers before getting accepted. Their writers can write service pages, about us pages, product descriptions, and blog posts. Pearl Lemon is trusted by companies such as EmergeOne, OAL, and Astteria London. 

10. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a network for professionals to connect. With LinkedIn being a professional network, many freelancers here are looking for work, and content writers are looking for part-time or full-time employment. You can use LinkedIn’s search feature to find and connect with content writers, post a job from your LinkedIn company page and wait for applicants. While content writers aren’t vetted on LinkedIn, you’ll receive many high-quality applicants.

The bottom line

Finding the best UK content writers doesn’t have to be an agonising process. There are many great places to start looking for writers, but ultimately, the right place to find your ideal writers depends on your budget, industry, and the scale of content you require. Hopefully, this article has helped narrow down the list of options.

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