10 Places to Find Websites for Sale

Are you looking for a website for sale?

If you want to have a profitable online business, buying a website provides a big head start and is often a fast, easy, and low-risk path toward attaining that goal. While buying a website can be a great investment, it also comes with risks. Conducting proper research is essential before you purchase a website to avoid getting ripped off and ensuring a good return on your investment.

In this article, we cover some of the best places to find websites for sale and provide tips for buying websites to ensure you get a good deal. Whether you’re looking to flip websites or buy one for passive income, there will be platforms on this list that are right for you.

Why buy a website?

While buying a website isn’t the right move for everyone, it comes with several key advantages over building a website from scratch, including:

Provides immediate revenue and profit

Buying an established website provides revenue and potential profit from day one as the website already has traffic and monetization. You don’t have to wait months to begin seeing a return.

Saves time

While building your own new website and growing it into profitability is satisfying, it’s also very time-consuming. Buying a website lets you skip the lengthy process of designing the pages, publishing content, building traffic, establishing trust and authority, and finding good monetization options.

Reduces risk

While buying a website comes with risk, with an existing site for sale, you can evaluate its track record of growth in terms of sales, traffic, etc. This allows you to more accurately predict its future performance and thus lower your risk of failure pre-acquisition.

Offers easy growth

When you buy an established website, you have months and years of data to work with, which better positions you to understand what has and hasn’t worked well for the site. This will help you inform a better growth strategy versus a new site with more trial and error to determine how to increase traffic and sales.

Brings an established brand and audience

A good website has an established audience, a trusted subscriber base, SEO optimization, and a social media presence. Conversely, when you start from scratch, it takes time, money, and effort to build your brand from zero.

Best places to find websites for sale

1. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is a great marketplace for you to find established and profitable websites for sale. What sets Empire Flippers apart from other platforms is that they thoroughly vet every listing, meaning you’ll find only high-quality websites listed for sale.

The marketplace has a variety of niches, monetization methods, and price points ranging from <$100,000 and up to $1–10 million. Each listing comes with detailed information including revenue, traffic, and opportunities for growth. You can also filter through the listings using a search filter. Empire Flippers also helps you with website migration by offering a team of acquisition experts that help facilitate the buying process and ensure a seamless acquisition and transfer of the website’s assets.

2. Website Closers

Website Closers is a reputable broker with two decades of selling businesses. They offer listings covering a wide range of industries, revenue ranges, and business models, so you can buy an online business from as low as $100,000 or up to $100 million+.

If you’re a more seasoned buyer, this might be the best place to look for established websites. They list 1–2 businesses per day, which might not seem like much, but each business is heavily vetted. And unlike some marketplaces that just connect buyers and sellers, Website Closers’ broker team provides guidance throughout the buying process, so your acquisition is smooth.

3. Flippa

Flippa is the world’s largest marketplace for buying and selling websites, so we can’t leave it out of the list! With nearly 20,000 new buyers joining monthly, Flippa has thousands of listings in every category you can imagine. The platform also provides integrated offers, escrow services, and sales support, though some are paid services. 

You can find some websites for sale for $100, $200, $500, with larger websites being listed for $10 million+. Be careful, however, because, while there are some great websites for sale on Flippa, the platform doesn’t vet as much as some other platforms, so due diligence is important, especially for websites at the lower price points.

4. FE International

FE International is a good place for you to find websites for sale, especially higher-end sites/businesses. They offer a range of vetted online businesses, including SaaS, ecommerce, and content/affiliate marketing sites. Their expert M&A advisors guide you through the buying process, providing detailed due diligence on each business.

FE International isn’t ideal if you’re looking for a website under $100,000. But if you’re making a larger acquisition and require professional help to ensure the process is hands-off but done well, then FE International is a good choice. Don’t expect a long list of offerings like many other marketplaces. Instead you’ll find a small selection of very high-quality website businesses.

5. Quiet Light

Quiet Light is a reputable online marketplace for online businesses, making it a great place for you to find websites for sale. They have a wide variety of listings across different niches and business models from ecommerce to affiliate and content websites.

Generally, the smallest size businesses you’ll find are around $50,000, while most listings are between $500,000 and $1 million. Each listing provides you with detailed information, including profit and loss statements, website traffic, and even interviews with the owner. Quiet Light also offers additional services to help facilitate the buying process, making them a great marketplace to consider if you’re seeking an end-to-end solution.

6. Acquire.com

Acquire.com is a great option to consider when you’re on the market for a website. While the platform is marketed as a place to acquire SaaS businesses, it also has other websites for sale, like content sites and agencies. After signing up, you can filter through listings based on price, revenue, profit, tech stacks, and more to find what you need.

Acquire.com provides detailed financial metrics, audience data, and customer acquisition information. To protect buyers’ privacy, you’ll need to sign up and pay the annual fee to access the more sensitive information for each business. However, the platform streamlines your buying process with features like auto-sign NDAs and built-in legal document templates/escrow services.

7. BusinessesForSale.com

BusinessesForSale.com is one of the larger platforms for finding websites you can buy. The platform has been advertising businesses up for grabs for over 20 years, and many people list their websites here to get access to the vast global network of over 1 million business buyers.

The website has a proven track record of advertising over 50,000 businesses in 130 countries, and has done well with its SEO, ranking high in search engines for terms buyers are searching for. This is one reason why so many sellers list their businesses here. You’ll find a huge variety of businesses, including in-person physical stores, but there are plenty of websites for sale too.

8. BizBuySell

BizBuySell is the world’s largest internet marketplace for buying and selling websites. Its heavily trafficked platform attracts many buyers and sellers, so odds are you’ll find something you like here. The site’s search filters allow you to easily search for websites by industry, location, and price.

BizBuySell provides you with resources such as access to comparable sales data and the ability to stand out to sellers as a ‘featured buyer’ with a paid membership. With 100,000+ successful sales, 65,000+ businesses listed annually, and 15 million monthly page views, BizBuySell stands out as a platform that you can’t overlook when you’re searching for websites for sale.

9. Website Properties

Website Properties is a broker with over two decades of experience selling domain names, ecommerce businesses, and websites. The websites they list tend to be on the higher end, even up to $250 million, but they also have listings under $500,000 with a wide range of niches from fitness to SaaS and e-commerce.

Their experienced team works closely with you to provide all the necessary details and services to facilitate a safe, secure, and positive experience for both you and the seller. Their commission structure is tiered and quite reasonable, as low as 6% for websites valued over $5 million.

10. Boopos

Boopos is a unique platform where you can buy and sell websites with built-in financing options. It provides vetted deals and personalized guidance from M&A advisors. Boopos aggregates hundreds of vetted, high-quality websites for sale from various platforms.

To sign up and qualify to buy a website on Boopos, you only need to share your credit score, proof of funds, and your LinkedIn profile. From there, you can access the full details of a business listing. And if you proceed, you can enjoy a white-glove, end-to-end solution to help as you select your purchase from various websites, such as blogs, affiliate websites, and Shopify stores.

Tips for buying websites

Conduct detailed website due diligence

Before you make an offer on a website, conduct extensive website due diligence. Analyze general web traffic from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Look at the growth trends and the website’s backlink profile (possible via SEO tools like Ahrefs and Semrush). Make sure the niche is viable and not just a fad. Hiring a professional due diligence service can be worthwhile, especially if the website’s value is over $100,000.

Determine a fair valuation

Websites often sell for 20–50 times their average monthly net profit, so a site making $10,000/month typically sells for $200,000–$500,000. The multiple a site gets depends on various factors, such as the niche (is it evergreen or decreasing in popularity?), the growth trajectory of the website’s revenue/profit, and more. Looking at websites similar to the listing you’re looking at that have sold is a good way to start forming a fair valuation.

Verify ownership and financials

There are times when the seller doesn’t actually own the site or doesn’t have the right to sell it. This risk is easily avoided by buying a website from a trusted platform like Empire Flippers or Boopos, where each website goes through vetting before even being listed. For example, on Empire Flippers, Stripe payments can be connected via an API to the listing, so that you can be confident in the numbers before you even reach out to negotiate.

Factor in growth potential and risks

You need to consider how you could grow the site and diversify revenue. But you also have to assess risks like the site being dependent on one traffic source or monetization method. You should aim to buy quality sites that you could grow steadily over time. Because buying a website is a risky activity in the first place, it’s essential to mitigate risk as much as possible. The best way to do this is to have a plan about how you’re going to grow the website.

Get a detailed transfer plan

Have the seller explain exactly how they will transfer the domain, hosting, files, accounts, etc. to you. Make sure you get everything needed to maintain the site. Consider using a third-party escrow service for additional peace of mind. If you’re new to buying websites, a platform like Empire Flippers is great, not only for the quality of the websites listed for sale but also for the end-to-end service provided for website migration and post-sale care. Going through the whole process by yourself can be daunting and risky.

The bottom line

Buying a website can be a great investment, but it’s not something you should rush into! Whether you’re new to buying websites or an experienced buyer, working with a website broker or professional marketplace that provides additional services like website migration, escrow, and due diligence can be a lifesaver.

Sure, they might take a commission on the website you buy, but the added protection and ease of acquisition that come with getting professional help can be well worth the cost. Just like buying or selling a home, working with professionals can be a smart investment when you’re spending a significant amount on buying a website.

Hopefully, this list has helped point you in the right direction to find the perfect website for you to buy!

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