What Is White Label Content?

By now, we all know how important content marketing is for business success in this digital landscape. More and more businesses are adopting a content marketing strategy that regularly pushes out higher volumes of content. But crafting high-quality content from scratch takes time, and as a business owner, or digital marketing agency, your time is precious.

What do you do if your agency doesn’t have time to produce all this content, or if writing isn’t one of your core strengths or passions?

Many agencies choose to work with white-label digital marketing agencies that provide content writing. Using white-label content services allow them to focus on their core business tasks rather than spending time hiring and managing a content team.

What is white-label content?

White-label content is content produced by one company that other companies use as their own. Buying white label content is fantastic because you can put your name on it or re-distribute it to your clients and take the credit. 

It’s simple; you pay them to create the content, then publish it as your own. The writer takes no credit. To an outsider, it would appear as if you wrote it yourself.

Essentially, any content can be white label, including blog posts, articles, SEO content, technical content, press releases, product descriptions, white papers, ebooks, newsletters, and audio/video scripts. 

What are the benefits of white label content?

There are many ways that outsourcing white label content can benefit your business. Here are a few. 

1. Saves time and money

Hiring in-house staff to produce high-quality content can be expensive and time-consuming. Utilizing white label content is not only cheaper, but hiring expert creators will often have quick turn-around times. 

Not only does it save you time and money, offering white label content increases your agency’s capacity, allowing you to offer more regular content to your clients, increasing your revenue, and taking their content marketing strategies to the next level.

2. It gives you more freedom to focus on the core of your business

When your schedule isn’t filled with content writing or managing writers, you have so much more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

3. Boosts your credibility 

Anybody can produce lackluster content. But crafting quality content that converts takes skill that, depending on the piece, your company may not always possess. For any piece of content you want to write, there’s an expert who can do it for you.

Outsourcing white label content is a great way to put yourself in the same playing field as the “big dogs” and provide high-quality content when your in-house employees may not have the knowledge and experience required for a certain piece.

4. Allows you to expand your services

When you hire white label content services, your services list can become virtually limitless, allowing you to provide more for your clients and develop deeper relationships.

White-label content provides a much more low-risk way to experiment with expanding your services than paying for new full-time staff. Providing such a wide range of services will also help bring you up to pace with larger agencies.

5. Improve visibility and SEO 

When you outsource content writing to a leading content writing company, you can trust that they’re using the best practices to craft SEO-optimized content for your clients, helping to improve both their visibility and your credibility as an agency. 

White-label content services

There are two key ways to source white label content.

  1. Buy content through a company that finds the right writer and manages the process for you.
  2. Find and manage your own freelance writers.

White-label content writing services are paid services where one party receives white label content to distribute to their clients or publish as their own under different aliases. You can choose to receive these services either as a one-off or an ongoing contract.

While hiring and managing a team of freelance writers is cheaper than hiring new full-time employees, many business owners don’t consider the extra time spent in the hiring process to create ads and interview prospective writers. 

Content creation services have the added benefit of being fully managed. Choosing to work with an agency means you’ll also have access to a broader range of expertise and knowledge rather than being limited to the understanding of the few freelancers you hire. 

Writing Studio, among other content writing services, provides exceptional white label content services for businesses. We provide white label services for a wide range of content types, including (but not limited to):

If you’re looking to level up your content marketing and create content that performs, please contact us today. We’d love to hear from you.

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