WordAgents: Reviews, Pricing, and Alternatives

Content marketing is a growing part of lots of businesses marketing budgets. A major component of content marketing is writing and publishing blog articles, newsletters, white papers, e-books, and other written content. 

If you make the decision to add content to your marketing plan, then you need to ensure you have the writers to produce great content. If you don’t have the skills in-house then the best thing you can do is hire freelancers or work with a writing agency. One of the best content writing services online is Word Agents.

Word Agents overview

Word Agents describes itself as a “premium content agency” that is able to produce high-quality content that is search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. According to the company they have over 200 content writers that are all based in the USA.

Word Agents can produce blog posts, product descriptions, website copy, and other SEO content for clients. They have a well-defined process for producing content, starting with analyzing the market and doing extensive research which includes keyword research. They then get one of their writers to craft your content – ensuring that the appropriate keywords are included as well as the correct formatting, so it is ready to be instantly published through your CMS.

The company says that they can turn around your content order within 7 days and will do up to two revisions if you request them. This means they provide a more hands-on service to ensure you are completely happy with your content. This makes them stand out from freelance marketplaces such as Upwork and Fiverr who are just middle-men that connect you with writers.

Word Agents reviews

Word Agents reviews on Glassdoor an overall 3.5 out of 5-star rating from 8 reviews.

wordagents reviews 

Current and former reviews from writers working there appear to be very positive.

Writers who review them say they are a good company to work with and the reviews seem to confirm that they train staff in SEO best practices. Reviews on blogs also show an overall positive opinion of the company with just a few disparaging reviews from customers who were not happy with the work they received.


  • Experienced Writers – Word Agents only hire writers with lots of experience.
  • Multiple Content Types – Word Agents can take care of all of your content writing needs such as blog posts, scripts, and product descriptions.
  • SEO Experts – Word Agents train all of their writers to be know how to write for SEO.
  • Hands-on Service – Word Agents staff ensure you are 100% happy with the work their writers produce.
  • Bulk Discounts – the company gives you a discount if you order a higher word budget.


  • 100% of their writers are USA based and are all experienced writers with a track record of success. This means you can be sure the content you order will be of a high standard which isn’t something you can guarantee when using a freelancer platform such as Fiverr or Upwork.
  • They train their writers to be experts in SEO – which means you can be sure your content will rank high in searches. This is a real bonus as often this work might have to be done separately.
  • They include an editing service, and you can request up to two revisions. This means they will work with you until you are happy with your content which reduces the risk of working with an online writing agency.
  • The company says they can deliver your content to you within just 7-days – which is a short turn around time for the industry. If you need content fast they would be a great choice for you to work with.


  • Word Agents can guarantee much higher quality content than a lot of other platforms available for content marketers. However, in order to do this, they have to charge more money for the content which you need to take into account when deciding which content company or freelancer platform to work with. Word Agents fees are not the highest in the industry but they are certainly more than a lot of other options.
  • When you work with Word Agents you work directly with staff from the company to manage your projects. This is good when you want to ensure high-quality content, but the downside is that you won’t be able to hire freelance writers directly off the platform once you are comfortable working with them. For example, if you find a good writer on Upwork you can eventually employ them directly and avoid any platform fees.


If you want to work with a premium content writing agency, then you should be prepared to pay a little extra than when hiring a freelancer off a platform such as Upwork.

Word Agents charge from US$0.06 a word for 20,000-word orders right up to US$0.12 per word for 1000 word orders, which is definitely more than some other alternatives but also not the most expensive in the market. The end rate you are charged depends on the amount of research required, the difficulty of the topic, and a few other considerations.

Top Word Agents alternatives

Word Agents is a great choice for businesses that want to work with a hands-on agency that will ensure your content is completed on-time, error-free, 100% unique, and written to a high standard. However, there are some other great platforms to find freelancers or other writing agencies that you might want to consider working with. Check out our other reviews below.

Final thoughts

Word Agents makes a point of hiring only high-quality writers who are also trained in the ins and outs of SEO. Word Agents are perfect if you are looking to work with a company that guarantees quality – assuming of course you are prepared to pay the extra costs associated with working with them.

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