10 Places to Find YouTube Channels for Sale

Despite the numerous social media platforms that have risen in popularity over the past decade, YouTube remains a consistent frontrunner for a wide range of audiences. Because of this, YouTube channels can be a profitable option for those looking to make money online. 

Here are some of the best places to find and buy YouTube channels in a safe and efficient way — so you can avoid being scammed by the wrong sellers or flagged by YouTube! 

Why buy a YouTube channel?

Before we go into the details about where to find YouTube channels for sale, here are some of the main incentives to buying a YouTube channel, rather than building one from the ground up. 

Earn money 

Depending on the number of subscribers, how many videos already exist on the channel, and if monetization is available, you can earn extra income from video ads and affiliate revenue for years after purchase. 

Get a dedicated subscriber base 

Older YouTube channels usually have more trust and credibility built up, with a larger subscriber base. This is especially the case if the channel you’re purchasing has been consistently posting new videos over years. 

Easier than starting from scratch

Due to YouTube’s algorithm which tends to show videos with higher view counts to more people, leveraging off an existing subscriber base can be easier than trying to build a dedicated audience from scratch. 

Best places to buy YouTube channels

1. Empire Flippers

The best place to buy YouTube channels is Empire Flippers. Known as the #1 curated marketplace for online businesses and websites, Empire Flippers only allows the highest-quality listings on their platform due to their strict vetting process. This ensures that no spam YouTube accounts are listed, and all the data around profits, traffic, and audience are accurate. 

While you do need to verify that you have the appropriate funds before you view a full listing, Empire Flippers has a fully transparent process and experienced team ready to help you out at every step. 

2. Trustiu

If you want to browse a wide variety of YouTube channels in different languages, Trustiu is another great place to look. It’s also ideal if you have specific requirements, like monthly revenue, number of subscribers, or monetization type, as you can easily filter these on their website. 

From channels that earn tens of thousands of dollars per month to smaller channels just starting out, Trustiu has a vast range to browse. You’ll need to send a quick request to the Trustiu team to “unlock” information about the channel, before you make an offer directly to the seller. 

3. Fameswap

As one of the fastest-growing online marketplaces for social media businesses, like TikTok accounts and YouTube channels, Fameswap makes the buying and selling process as safe as possible. As a buyer, you’ll get access to a secure messaging platform to communicate directly with the seller and exchange information. 

With safe encrypted transactions, a dedicated and experienced team at Fameswap facilitating these purchases, and 24/7 post-purchase support, Fameswap is a reliable platform to buy YouTube channels on. 

4. Eazy Viral

For a no-fuss way to buy a YouTube channel that is guaranteed to be monetized, give Eazy Viral a browse. While you don’t get to choose the exact niche or industry your channel is about, Eazy Viral offers the option to buy 1-5 channels, based on a starter, growth, or premium package — corresponding to the amount of subscribers per channel.

With the monetization feature already activated, a free Adsense account included, and fast delivery, Eazy Viral is a great option if you’re looking to hit the ground running. 

5. Channelkart 

Unlike most of their competitors, Channelkart is a dedicated platform for just YouTube channels. Over 2000 content creators have already sold their YouTube channels on this platform, showcasing their easy transaction process, years of experience, and great track record. 

For each listing, you’ll get access to a short description of the channel, and an in-depth summary including subscribers, views, and revenue, all without the need to sign in. However, you’ll need to connect with their team before any transaction can proceed. 

6. Flippa

Flippa is one of the more popular platforms on this list, due to their wide range of online businesses and websites for sale. Alongside eCommerce stores and YouTube channels, you can also buy verified social media accounts, perfect for budding content creators or entrepreneurs. 

Their friendly and easy-to-use website makes it easy to browse and filter for exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re searching for niche channels or YouTube channels with over 100k subscribers, Flippa is sure to have what you’re looking for. 

7. Player Up 

While Player Up first started as a free online platform for gamers to buy and sell their online gamer account, they have now branched out into offering various social media account listings, including YouTube channels. Because it operates more like a forum, it may not be the easiest to navigate. But if you know exactly what type of channel you’re looking for, it’s quick to search up. 

In addition, to communicate with the seller, potential buyers can comment on a public forum, which may generate quicker answers, but also raises questions about privacy. However, the ability to purchase these channels quickly and their “middleman” service for extra safety and protection makes Player Up a popular option. 

8. MidMan 

MidMan is a trusted place to buy and sell social media accounts, like YouTube channels. From niche products like a TikTok verified badge account to more popular monetized YouTube accounts, it’s clear that MidMan is the go-to place for budding social media stars looking to increase their exposure. 

You can filter their accounts for a specific number of followers and price you’re willing to pay, or simply browse their varied range of listings. All the accounts have been verified by the MidMan team, and the secure transaction process makes handing over effortless.

9. EpicNPC

Like Player Up, EpicNPC originally started as a marketplace for gamers to buy and sell various services or accounts, they’ve now branched out into social media accounts, like YouTube channels. 

Because there are no fees for sellers, the team at EpicNPC don’t offer additional support or facilitate the transaction. Instead, it’s up to you and the seller to negotiate and come up with a deal. While it’s a fast and easy process, you’ll also need to be vigilant to avoid scams, just like if you were on a platform like Facebook Marketplace.

10. Accs-market.com 

Accs-market.com is another great place where you can find YouTube channels for sale, alongside Discord, Instagram, and TikTok accounts. You can either filter by subject, price, and subscribers, or browse through the whole collection. 

While Accs-market.com doesn’t have as many listings as other larger marketplaces, they do have variety for different niches. Expect to find YouTube channels covering cars and bikes to comedy, food, and fitness.

Tips for buying YouTube channels 

Investigate the finer details

While it may seem tempting to buy the first channel that has a lot of subscribers, scrutinize the other information, like view count per month, total revenue per month, or ad sense revenue. Having a lot of subscribers doesn’t necessarily translate to a successful channel, as they may not be engaged with the videos.  

Give the videos a watch and browse the comments

Similarly, higher view counts doesn’t always mean a stronger relationship with the audience. Before committing to a purchase, watch the videos on the channel and browse the comment section. Are there any comments? Are viewers generally positive or hating on the channel? Is the channel controversial? 

Figure out a game plan

It isn’t over yet after you’ve bought your YouTube channel! Figure out your game plan for what you’re going to do after taking over the channel. Will you be uploading more videos yourself? Or would you outsource that to freelancers? Note that if you completely pivot the quality or subject matter of the content, existing subscribers may unsubscribe. 

The bottom line 

Whether you’re looking for a smaller YouTube channel to grow, or prefer a larger and more established channel with a set niche, there are multiple places to find YouTube channels for sale in 2024. 

Choosing the right platform to browse, and ultimately buy a channel from, will require research, cross-comparison, and a good look at their policies and guarantees. Some platforms are more transparent or credible than others, and the last thing you want is to purchase a YouTube channel that isn’t up to your expectations.

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