1 x article: 4,800 + organic traffic in 6 months (appliance repair)

  • Company:
  • Website: –
  • Topic: Whirlpool Washer Door Locked? How to Fix It
  • Industry: Appliance repair
  • URL: 
  • Publish date: June 07, 2021


This company offers appliance repair services. They fix refrigerators, washers, dryers, and other appliances. People in their geographic location frequently search for queries such as “how to fix a samsung dryer,” and in this case, “whirlpool dishwasher door locked”. The aim of this article was to rank for related keywords to drive people to their website who may potentially inquire about their appliance repair services.


The challenge of this client was to find ideal keywords to target and then create high volumes of content on a monthly basis without compromising quality and ensuring the content remains error-free, optimized for SEO, and well-written regardless of the quantity ordered.


  1. Keyword research
  2. Briefing
  3. Research
  4. Writing
  5. Review
  6. Editing
  7. Proofreading
  8. Formatting
  9. Optimization
  10. Double-checks
  11. Completion


  • #1-5 in SERPs for multiple keywords
  • Well-written
  • Edited and proofread
  • CMS-formatted
  • Factually accurate

Organic traffic

Monthly organic traffic: 1,796

*This graph shows the change in the organic search traffic to the target website, subsection, or URL over time.


Total keywords: 1,526

*The number of keywords that the URL ranks for in the top 100 organic search results.


*This image shows the distribution of keywords based on their positioning.

Traffic value

Traffic value per month: $1,908

*This chart shows the change in the equivalent value of the organic search traffic, should that traffic have been acquired via PPC.

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