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Whether you’re an enterprise or small agency, our copywriters will craft compelling copy that helps achieve your goals.

About us

Writing Studio is a copywriting agency with an experienced team of vetted copywriters. We have copywriters and an editorial team who are experts in various fields. Meaning, regardless of your industry, and your needs, our team will be able to deliver.

Whether you’re looking for a high-converting landing page or blog posts for your ecommerce store, we have the ability to craft the right copy to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Our approach

At Writing Studio we take an organized and methodical approach to copywriting. All great copy starts with research. First, we research the website we’re writing for and we seek to understand exactly who the target audience is we’re writing for, what the objective of the copy is, and what’s already ranking well for the competition. We believe research is a fundamental part of great copywriting. 

Once the research is complete, we start to organize and outline the copy. We consider how the structure will look, what the user experience will be like, and what information is most important to convey.

Then, once the research and planning are complete, the copy is written. Once the copy is written, is it edited, and proofread by our editorial team. After the copy is written, edited, and proofread, it’s then formatted so everything’s nice and clean and ready to upload to your CMS. Finally, double-checks are done to ensure the copy is in line with any editorial guidelines, SEO best practices, and anything else required for the specific project.

Once the copy is completed, it’s sent to you ready to publish.

Concise, compelling, and results-driven

Copywriting is an overlooked and essential part of marketing. Excellent copy provides enormous ROIs for your marketing efforts.

We understand that the most important thing for you is ROI. That’s the fundamental question here. Will our copy provide you with an ROI? While the answer to this question depends on multiple factors, the answer is yes. 

We write copy that helps you exceed your marketing KPIs by:

  • Increasing organic traffic and rankings
  • Increasing conversion rates
  • Improving engagement
  • Increasing customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Lowering customer acquisition costs (CAC)

Types of copy we write 

White papers 

White papers are informative reports that distill complex issues into and present ideas that help people make an informed decision. Our copywriters can craft compelling, technical, and actionable white papers to help generate high-quality leads for your business.

Landing pages

Landing pages are standalone web pages either for B2C products, B2B services and software. Our copywriters will write compelling, engaging, and optimized landing pages that will help increase conversions for your products and services.

Technical copy 

Technical copy is any form of copy, but for technical topics, such as medicine, finance, and electronics. We hire copywriters with expert qualifications in various fields who can write copy that’s engaging and factually accurate.

SEO copy 

SEO copy is copy that’s optimized to perform in search engines. This simply means our copywriters will write a piece of content focused on a specific focus keyword and “search intent”. Our SEO copy is optimized for both search engines and humans. 

Blog posts and articles

Blog posts and articles help to engage and inform your target audience on questions they have. Our copywriters will write engaging copy for your blog that provides your target audience with value, ranks highly in search engines, and helps establish your brand as a thought leader in your specific industry. 


Newsletters are a fantastic way to directly connect with your customer or prospective customer base in their inbox. Our copywriters will write newsletters that not only get open but are read and engaged with. We write for humans and avoid the robotic and salesy tone that so many newsletters seem to have. 

Product descriptions 

Product descriptions can be what make or break your sales. A compelling product description will melt away any last-minute resistance and reassure a customer of what they are buying, the benefits of the product they are purchasing, and it will further convince and more importantly excite them, that they are making the correct decision. Furthermore, a great product description will rank well in search engines, bringing more targeted organic traffic to your product.


Ebooks are a great way of establishing yourself as an authority on a specific subject matter and providing solutions to the problems your target audience is having. Overall, they’re great for growing your business by attracting emails in exchange for the Ebook.

Why you’ll love our copywriting agency

SEO optimization

✅ We write copy built to perform in search engines

Copy editing and proofreading

✅ We copy-edit and proofread your copy


✅ All your copy will be formatted for your CMS

Dedicated content management

✅ You get a dedicated content manager for your copy


✅ Copywriting that’s focused on driving results

Expert copywriters

✅ Our copywriters are experts at their craft

How it works

We organize our process to make things as simple as possible for you. At the end of the day, we want to take as little of your time as possible and provide you with the best result. Here’s how our copywriting agency works. 

Step 1: Tell us about your copywriting needs

First, we need to understand a bit about who you are, and what exactly you’re looking for. Tell us about your copywriting needs. Are you an agency that wants to outsource copy for clients? Or are you an ecommerce store who has its own products? We can arrange a call to discuss the details, or you can simply send us a detailed email. Whatever you prefer. 

Step 2: Confirm the details

The next step is to confirm the details. Once we understand exactly what your copywriting needs are, we can establish the specific pricing, the turnaround time, and any other details we’ll need from you or questions we have prior to starting. After these are confirmed, we’ll get started on your copywriting. 

Step 3: Publish your new copy

The final step is to receive your copy. You’ll know exactly when the copy is due to arrive. Alternatively, if you have feedback to provide, or there’s something minor you need to be changed, we’re always more than welcome to make amendments based on your judgment. Once everything’s finished, it’s time to publish and see your ROI climb through the roof!

You’re in good company

Derrick Oliver
Marketing & Communications Manager at Habit

These guys make it look easy

“Writing Studio was given a mammoth task to create copy for our new website. We were very impressed with the turnaround time and quality. They completed the brief perfectly.”

Essi Airisniemi
Operations Manager at Obvious

Can highly recommend!

“I approached Writing Studio about monthly article copywriting and have been impressed by their services the whole way through! Could not recommend more highly!”

Let’s talk copy

If you’re ready to get started with our copywriting agency, then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and see how we can help you achieve your goals.