Technical Writing Services

Technical Content by Expert Writers That Stands Up to Scrutiny

If you’re a small business, SEO and content marketing agency, or even an enterprise-level company, Writing Studio’s technical writing services will help you streamline your content needs.

Become an authority

Beautifully written technical content can help your company become an authority in your industry.

This leads to an increase in engagements and can help position your company as a thought leader. Once you position yourself as a market leader, it can be exceedingly difficult for your competitors to catch up.

Provide value

When your readers have a problem or question about the topic of your technical content, you can provide a lot of value to them by offering answers. 

Whether they come to your website from a search or directly, this helps to position your brand positively in the minds of your customers.

Increase organic traffic

Great content helps drive organic traffic to your website, and the best part is that you don’t have to pay for it.

While there is an initial investment required to produce content, it pays off in the long run if it ranks highly in searches and drives significant traffic to your website.

Trusted by over 500 clients, including…

Dr. Waseem Alzaher
CEO at Cannabis Clinic

Working with Writing Studio was great

“Working with the Writing Studio was a great experience. Philip is responsive and his team did a great job writing content that was relevant and backed by credible sources. Definitely keeping them in mind if we need more content down the road.”

Seth Franz
Co-Founder/Director of Operations at Peak

Lucky to have found Writing Studio

“I have had an outstanding experience working with Writing Studio and I will continue to use them… They are able to churn out however many articles we need without there being any drop in their high quality. Highly recommended.”

What’s included?

100% original

Technical content must be completely original, or it will fail to rank high and be read by your target audience.

One of the top ways Google determines search rankings is the originality of content, so it is important to make sure your content is 100% original.

Expert writers

Google also takes into account the author of the content and determines if they are an authority or not based on the writer’s qualifications.

All our writers have a minimum of a Bachelor of Science (BSc) and typically have a Master of Science (MSc) or PhD level of education.

Delivered on time

Writing Studio offers a 7-business-day turnaround for our technical writing services.

This means that if you place a content order and make your payment on Monday, you will receive your articles the following Wednesday. We can also finalize any revisions that you request within 48 to 72 business hours.

Edited and proofread

Technical content has to be 100% error-free, which means no spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.

If it does contain errors, then this can make your company look unprofessional and result in a loss of user trust in the content that they are consuming.

CMS-friendly content

Whether you use WordPress or any other content management system (CMS), we will deliver content to you that can simply be copied and pasted into your CMS. 

No more having to reformat content – we are a tech-savvy bunch, so we know how to correctly format all of your content, so you don’t have to.


During the content-writing process, we ensure that your articles are 100% accurate and all facts are backed up by well-cited evidence from original sources. 

We understand how important it is for you and your readers that your content is completely factual, so we double-check all sources.

How it works

Step 1

The first step is to get in touch with us and tell us more about what content you want to be produced. 

Are you looking to build a library of technical articles? Produce ebooks to share with your customers? Or start a new blog?

Letting us know what type of content you are after will help us develop a plan for you. 

Step 2

Step two involves our founder, Philip, reaching out and discussing your content needs with you. He will go over all of the technical writing services we provide and talk you through our pricing structure. 

Typically, a new client will choose to order a batch of articles, blog posts, or e-books within a total word budget of 10,000 to 20,000 words. Writing Studio sells writing bundles with lower prices for the more words you order.

Regardless of which package you choose to order, we will present you with a detailed quote before any work commences.

Step 3

The next step is to confirm the specifications of the content you want to be produced. If you have a list of topics and brand guidelines for us to use, that’s great, or we can provide you with a list of topics to cover based on keyword research for you to choose from.

Once we figure out specific topics and the number of articles, we will send you an invoice for your order, which can be paid by either PayPal or credit card. Once we receive payment, we will begin writing your technical content. 

Step 4

Finally, when we have completed your content, you will receive a warm and friendly “new articles” email in your inbox with your high-quality content. 

Depending on your order, we can deliver fresh content once a week, once a month, once every fortnight, or whatever your preferred schedule is.

We want you to be in control and know exactly when to expect articles. At this point, should you have any feedback to provide or questions, we’ll gladly help accommodate any changes so that you’re completely satisfied.

Why Writing Studio?

Publishing technical content on your website in the form of articles, blog posts, or ebooks is a great way to share important information with your customers in an easy-to-understand way. For example, you can publish and share with your customers user manuals for your products in the form of an ebook. Well-researched and well-presented technical content will help you become a hub of industry information, and this helps to position your company as an authority within your industry.

The problem with some technical content is that writers simply copy and paste existing content, slightly change it around, and then publish it as if they are providing brand new information. Worse yet, sometimes companies publish technical content that is inaccurate! Taking shortcuts with your content like this reflects poorly on your company and can reduce your authority within your industry.

That’s where Writing Studio comes in. By working with us you can tap into our network of expert writers who all hold academic qualifications and have many years of technical writing experience. They will write engaging, factual, and original content that will help you become an industry authority and provide your customers with valuable content to solve their problems and answer their questions. We know hiring specialist writers can be a big investment, which is why we work with you until you are completely satisfied with our work. 

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