Who are Writing Studio’s writers?

Meet a few of our 300 + content writers from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and NZ.

Alice McRae, BSc

Alice is a science writer who graduated with a BA, BSc, and a postgraduate diploma in science communication. She writes about medical cannabis, nutrition, and fitness.

Emily Joy Frost, PhD

Emily completed her PhD at the University of Auckland. She has over 11 years-experience in physiology, molecular biology, climate change, oceanography and marine science. She is also highly experienced in science policy.

Ayesha Rashid, PhD

Ayesha is a medical writer who graduated with a PhD in biomedical science specializing in cancer research. She has expertise in writing medical and health content across multiple niches.

Sarah Neidler, PhD

Sarah completed her PhD in cancer research at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research in Glasgow. She has a strong interest in nutrition and how it affects human health.

What’s included?

Editing and proofreading

Forget about spelling and grammatical mistakes. All content written by Writing Studio writers is edited and proofread by one of our professional editors.

On-page SEO optimization

Rest assured your content will contain all the right keywords and focus on the correct search intent. Your content will be searchable and formatted well to be picked up by Google.

CMS formatting

No more “tidying” up content. All content, including blog posts, articles, and press releases will be perfectly formatted for your chosen CMS, whether it’s WordPress or Webflow. 

Get your content on time, every time

Select the content type, amount, and delivery schedule that suits you.