Alice McRae, BSc

Alice is a science writer who graduated with a BA, BSc, and a postgraduate diploma in science communication. She writes about medical cannabis, nutrition, and fitness.

Emily Joy Frost, PhD

Emily completed her PhD at the University of Auckland. She has over 11 years-experience in physiology, molecular biology, climate change, oceanography and marine science. She is also highly experienced in science policy, working for UNEP and was the head of delegation to the United Nations Oceans conference.

Sarah Neidler, PhD

Sarah completed her PhD in cancer research at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research in Glasgow. She has a strong interest in nutrition and how it affects human health.

Philip Ghezelbash, BSc, CPT

Philip is a medical writer, science graduate, ex-personal trainer, and writes about cannabis, fitness and nutrition. He has been published on and

Ayesha Rashid, PhD

Ayesha is a medical writer who graduated with a PhD in biomedical science specializing in cancer research. She has expertise in writing medical and health content across multiple niches.

Clara Fergus, RD

Clara is an experienced nutrition content writer. She graduated with Masters in Dietetics (MDiet) from the University of Otago and is registered as a clinical dietician with the Canterbury District Health Board.

Steve Theunissen, B.Ed, CPT

Steve is a former gym owner, personal trainer and has 20-years of fitness writing experience. He has written for magazines such as Men’s Health, and Hardcore Muscle.

Yunan Ye, BBSc (Hons)

Yunan is an experienced medical writer. She graduated with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science with Class I Honours from the University of Queensland and will start her PhD later this year.

Alice Cho, BSc (Hons)

Alice graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Pharmacology. Her research project focussed on an anti-cancer drug and its molecular transport to assess toxicity and adverse effects observed in cancer patients administered with this drug. She has a strong interest and background in how drugs work in the human body.

Emma Symonds, BBSc (Hons), PhD(c)

Emma graduated with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (honors) completing her honors research on breast cancer. She writes content on a broad range of medical topics, including medicine and nutrition. 

Lisa Tate, BSc

Lisa completed her Bachelors in Science (BSc) at the University of Auckland. She is an experienced content writer and writes for organisations on a variety of topics including tech, robotics, and medical.

Vicky Tan, BSc

Vicky graduated with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human Nutrition. She is currently studying for her Masters of Applied Science degree at the University of Otago. She is very passionate about nutrition and the influence nutrition has on human health and has experience in writing nutrition and health content.